Any kind of Bestiary?

Hello! I have the core rulebook and Amaurea’s Dawn Campaign setting PDFs. I had hoped for a larger bestiary in the setting book than we got, but oh well.

Members of my gaming group are interested in playing Open Legend in a high fantasy setting. The only “complaint” by the potential GMs are the lack of a bestiary. I’ve skimmed through this Resources NPC/Creatures thread and there are a few helpful monsters in there, and this is great. But we are looking for more. Yes, we could make up these creatures on our own, as per the rules in the core book, but that would involve time. Is there any kind of mini-bestiary out there which has playtested or vetted these creatures? We would be very interested.



In most cases there is no “vetting” or “playtesting” needed for creatures, b/c 5 different GMs can run the exact same creature 10 different ways.

The creatures that are made should all have a level listed for them, and this is the biggest indication for balancing an encounter.

The other big thing about an encounter I went into a little detail in this post:

But not included is considering Action Economy. How many Actions (Major, Move, Minor) the party has vs the NPCs/Creatures.

A wiki is almost done, working on finalizing it now actually as I type this here. The main goal is having a place for Items (mundane and extraordinary) as well as NPCs/Creatures/Playable Characters.

So that will be a bestiary that can be referenced for sure. Right now mainly you’ll have to look at what is on this site. I’m hoping to be done with the wiki so people can start using it by Friday. Mainly working on the backend stuff for it, and guidelines so that pages will be alike and easier to reference, etc.

I’ll post here when it is done:

Meanwhile, it is easy to convert any creatures from say D&D, and if you want help, just post it here in the community site, or over on Discord. People tend to be able to do these things pretty quick (on average, once you are used to it, easily building creatures/NPC in 30 ~60 seconds for a particular encounter)


Have you considered the oh so fast NPC generator? May help till the wiki gets filled out.

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@Great_Moustache said it, but it really can’t be overstated how quick making NPCs is in this system. I tend to just scribble down attributes and feats for new enemies during play, and not even plan out before the session (Boss NPCs excepted). It’s really super easy to make unique and interesting combat encounters based on nothing more than an idea and an estimated difficulty rating.

Aside from the assorted monsters in the NPC topics, the link given by this D&D 5e MM conversion topic is the best collection I’ve found thus far. Hope it’s helpful.

I did look at this and it’s great. But I see that despite his best early efforts he hasn’t progressed beyond Demons since September.

I know they’re in different spots but:

For undead Undead legion of the frozen catacombs (and more!) is pretty filled out.

I’m working on Vampires monsters whenever I get time/need more vampires, unfortunately it is progressing slow.

Kobold, Goblin, Bandit and other assorted monsters. Johnny Blood's Creatures and NPCs

I also did some spiders awhile ago… Giant Spiders Mobs

Gargoyle thing, ooze, dust specter and a giant skeleton, High Level Fantasy Creatures

These look interesting, and unlike the name suggests, they are monsters, not a boss The Dream Weavers

I tried to lay this out so you could maybe have your GMs use it as a starting point and find everything? (so the monsters are for the most part in nice large chunks)
It’s not everything on the site but it should be enough to do a campaign with. There are some really awesome bosses on the site too for your GMs to check out but I didn’t link them because they’re a bit less versatile.

Your group could also use the NPCs other people have made and a few of your own and make an Open Legend Monster Manuel. I bet most people here would like that.


For the 5e D&D MM conversion, I didn’t progress unfortunately, no. I am experiencing a severe TTRPG burnout for the past 3 months or so, and I barely played through that time; I hope that it will pass soon, though.
After it does, I’ll do my best to finish the conversion.

EDIT: Well, as people here really seemed to have liked it, I was inspired to start working again. It’s fun, even though I won’t play anytime soon! The devils section is made and completed now, and I’ll likely work on it throughout the next few days as well. :slight_smile:


Hey TheIceBorn, no worries! What you did was great. We appreciate your work on this conversion, no matter if you end here or keep going.

Thanks Valiandrra for all the shortcuts!



The full playtest Fantasy Bestiary is ready to run, and you can find it here:



link to the free book I’ve been putting together with creatures added from members of this forum. It’s not super professional or anything but it has a bunch in it.

/necros the bestiary thread

I just got my PDFs and am waiting for my hard copies to come - love what I see so far. Was delighted to find someone had converted a bunch of D&D stuff for use with Open Legend. I took a stab at tidying up the playtest Fantasy Bestiary to make entry formatting more consistent and eliminate cases where some entries stuck off the page, etc. I’m happy to share the edits I’ve done if it will help people, but I don’t want to go distributing other people’s (doctored) work inappropriately. What’s the status of this document from that standpoint?


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The Fantasy Bestiary has been up for sale on DriveThruRPG for about a year now (the off-screen text is fixed in the PDF version; on the link, it’s an issue with some browsers’ compatibility with Homebrewery).
If you feel like the formatting edits are substantial enough to make a difference, you have my permission to post a link to it on this site for non-commercial purposes, as long as you credit me as the original author.

Oh cool! I’m happy to pay if there’s a version that’s taken care of the issues with the one linked above. Is this the one you’re talking about? Does it have fixes for things like the giants having empty Special Senses entries, the Frost Giant having an unspecified Attack Specialization, etc?


That’s the version, yes. Just the off-page problems were fixed in the PDF version; I wasn’t even aware of the issues you’re talking about! If you’re interested, I’d be happy to give the whole thing a detailed lookover; sending me a list of things that need fixing would help greatly.
But like I said above, if you have already done it , feel free to post a free link (on this site) as long as you credit me. :slight_smile: