Undead legion of the frozen catacombs (and more!)

Here is a start for a couple of undead enemies for all to use and modify as they please! More will be added in due time, as it goes higher in the legion’s hierarchy.

UPDATE MAY 16TH 2017: Just adapted the format to the one shown in the character creation section on the website. I find it is much easier to read. Plus, Writing the NPC concept before the actual stats helps to adapt the system to the NPC’s abilities rather than the other way around.

Skeleton scout (Level 1)

This is the Legion’s weakest member. Most of the time, they would only be found in the wild, looking for intruders. In some cases, they might announce the arrival of the larger army.

Strategy: Pretty useless on their own, they are mainly found in groups. The melee skeletons go in front while the bowmen pick off their adversaries from afar.

Attributes: Agility 3 (1d8), Might 3 (1d8), Fortitude 3 (1d8)
Defenses: Guard 14, Toughness 12, Resolve 10
HP: 14
Speed: 30’
Feats: Bane Focus (Persistent damage), Attack Specialization (Club or spear), Energy resistance I (Cold)

Favored Actions:

  • Club or spear (damaging attack) - Might vs Guard, advantage 1
  • Shortbow (damaging attack)- Agility vs Guard
  •  _Bleed_ (inflict _Persistent damage_) - Agility vs Guard, advantage 2

##Skeleton warrior (Level 2)
They used to repel wave after wave of barbarians from the North, thanks to their magnificient shield walls. Now? They serve their master in the afterlife.

Strategy: Exclusively melee fighters. They stay in line next to one another.

Attributes: Agility 3 (1d8), Might 5 (2d6), Fortitude 3 (1d8)
Defenses: Guard 18, Toughness 14, Resolve 12
HP: 18
Speed: 30’
Feats: Bane Focus (Knockdown), Armor Mastery I, Energy resistance I (Cold), Special (Shield wall)
Special: When in shield wall formation, all defend actions gain advantage 1

Favored Actions:

  • War axe (damaging attack) - Might vs Guard
  • Shield bash (inflicts knockdown) - Might vs Guard, advantage 2

##Skeletal gladiator (Level 3)

They were, at some point, the main attraction of prosperous cities. They now serve as bones of mayhem in a putrid army. Most of the time, simple warriors are not enough. The gladiator is then sent into the fray as a destructive force.

Strategy: It enters the battle trance and lunges into battle, facing every enemy it encounters. It is an opportunist. When it sees a possible kill, it takes it.

Attributes: Agility 4 (1d10), Might 5 (2d6), Fortitude 4 (1d10), Will 4 (1d10)
Defenses: Guard 18 (20 on Battle Trance), Toughness 16 (19 on Battle trance), Resolve 14 (17 on Battle Trance)
HP: 24
Speed: 35’
Feats: Battle Trance, Natural Defense II, Resilient, Energy resistance I (Cold)

Favored Actions:

  • War axe (damaging attack) - Might vs Guard, advantage 1 on Battle Trance
  • Javelin (damaging attack) - Agility vs Guard, advantage 1 on Battle Trance
  • Enter the fray (Invoke Battle Trance) - Free action on turn

##Skeleton priest (Level 3)
Once revering ancient gods, they were killed then revived through by a then unknown force. Their power now comes from some sort of demon or fiend whom has swallowed their souls.

Strategy: By some unholy magic, this creature channels arcane forces to heal and aid its fellow undead, as well as hurting its foes. Its role is one of support for a bigger group, without really commanding anyone.

Attributes: Might 3 (1d8), Fortitude 3 (1d8), Will 5 (2d6), Entropy 5 (2d6), Creation 4 (1d10)
Defenses: Toughness 12, Guard 14, Resolve 15
HP: 16
Speed: 30’
Feats: Boon Focus I (Heal), Bane Focus I (Sickened), Potent Bane (Sickened),
Energy resistance I (Cold)

Favored Actions:

  • Rotting ray (inflict sickened) - Entropy vs Toughness, advantage 2
  • Staff of death (damaging attack – Entropy vs Toughness
  • Replenish health (invoke heal ) - Creation vs 12-18 (PL 1-4)

##Ice Wraiths (Level 3)
They’re not part of the legion per se, instead they simply aren’t hostile towards the other undead. However, be it a group of travelers or a well-trained regiment, few are those who encountered their cry in a middle of a raging blizzard and could live to tell it.

Strategy: They’ll usually be found alone or in pairs. They usually start by inflicting fear on their enemies, then teleport around the battlefield to surprise and cut down their foe with their sharp ice claws.

Attributes: Influence 4 (1d10), Energy 4 (1d10), Movement 5 (2d6), Will 4 (1d10)
Defenses: Toughness 12, Guard, 14, Resolve 16
HP: 16
Speed: 30’
Feats: Energy resistance IV (Cold), Multi-Target Attack Specialist III (Area), Potent Bane (Fear), Immune to normal weapons (as in a sword w/out magical effects and such)

Favored Actions:

  • Ice claws (Two damaging attacks) - Energy vs Guard
  • Soul cry (Inflicts Fear) - Influence vs Resolve
  • Blizzard move - Movement vs 16-20 (PL 3 or 5)

##Corrupted Stormlords (Level 4)
The stormlords were at some point amongst the protectors of the Legion’s realm. When the sickness came, their souls were all but lost.

Strategy: Staying in the back row, shoot spells and banes from afar, uses Ethereal to retreat. A big group of them would be pretty dangerous.

Attributes: Alteration 6 (1d10), Entropy 4 (1d10), Energy 6 (2d8), Protection 4 (1d10)
Defenses: Toughness 13, Guard 14, Resolve 18
HP: 16
Speed: 30’
Feats: Energy Resistance II (Cold), Multi-Target specialist IV (Area), Longshot

Favored Actions:

  • Lightning Bolt (damaging attack) - Energy vs Guard
  • Ice blast (damaging area attack) - Energy vs Guard
  • Speechless (inflict silence) - Entropy vs Toughness
  • Ethereal (invoke invisible) - Alteration vs 20-22 (PL 5-6)
  • Dark wall (invoke barrier) - Protection vs 16-20 (PL 3 or 5)

##Spectral Tribunii (Level 5)
«Our army is half dead. All that is left at the palace is 30 men with Tribunii Marcus. I’ve seen him hold lines with less than that, inspriring his soldiers to form unbreakable shieldwalls. A giant once kneeled to him, simply from a stare. But will it be enough to stop the sickness? I’ve never seen anything like it. It came from the cata…» - Last notes of Diocletius, Senator of the Legion.

Strategy: This high ranking officer leads the legions into battle. It’ll generally stay in the middle of a group of warriors inspriring them (as possible as it is with undead) to be more efficient in battle. If possible, it’ll try to demoralize its enemies.

Attributes: Might 6 (2d8), Fortitude 5 (2d6), Will 5 (2d6), Presence 6 (2d8)
Defenses: Toughness 16, Guard 20, Will 16
HP: 26
Speed: 30’
Feats: Boon focus III (Aura), Resilient
Special: When this creature dies, any remaining undead could lose formation and get a lowered guard or disadvantage on defense actions, in order to represent the loss of the officer.

Favored Actions:

  • Dispatch orders (invoke aura (bolster PL 3) - Presence vs 22 (PL 6)
  • Gladius strike (damaging attack) - Might vs Guard
  • Intimidate (invoke Demoralized) - Presence vs Resolve

##Decaying giant (Level 6)
«By the gods, even the giants got infected. I remember when we used them as auxiliaries in the western plains. No siege engine could ever compare to them when taking down a wall. How many were there in the capital when in all went to hell? Eight? … What do I care. Doesn’t matter how many, I’ll fight anything that comes through the palace door.» Tribunii Marcus’ last notes (his actual last notes were lost when the palace crumbled)

Strategy: Throw big objects that hit multiple targets, kick and punch when up close and personnal.

Attributes: Agility 5 (2d6), Might 7 (2d10), Fortitude 5 (2d6)
Defenses: Toughness 21, Guard 18, Resolve 15
HP: 32
Speed: 40’
Feats: Attack specialization III (Smash), Multi-target Attack specialist II (Area), Resilient

Favored Actions:

  • Smash (damaging attack) - Might vs Guard, advantage 3
  • Throw (damaging area attack) - Agility vs Guard
  • FEAR ME! (inflict Demoralized) - Might vs Resolve


Actually @OGilgamesh just noticed now that for level 3, these guys have very low stats. Mostly the highest stat is 3, but could be about 5 or 6. Unless you wanted these to be high HP, but very low chance of hurting the players with their low attribute scores

I wasn’t completely sure of what would be too strong of an enemy, so I kept the stats low. But I usually want to go for the challenging NPC, so I’ll adjust them. Thanks!

EDIT: Looking at the NPC simple build table, I’ll definitly update the stats! :stuck_out_tongue:

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So I’ve had some ideas for other monsters which are not part of the undead legion and I’ll post them below.

##Vabole (Lvl 4)
This is a dark beetle which lives in caves. Generally around 4’ tall, though the tallest have been recorded to be about 6’. The main feature of this creature is its lonely eye that sits in front of its head. The vabole uses it to scare away any unwanted beast from its lair. Large pincers are used to grab and crush while spikes all around its legs and arms are used to walk anywhere in dark tunnels.

Strategy: Ambush its prey by dropping on it, immobilize it with its claws, then scare away its allies to fight one-on-one.

Attributes: Might 6 (2d8), Fortitude 4 (1d10), Alteration 4 (1d10), Influence 4 (1d10)
Defenses: Toughness 18, Guard 20, Resolve 14
HP: 18
Speed: 30’
Feats: Bane Focus I (Immobile), Potent bane (Immobile), Multi-attack specialist 4
Special: Darkvision (including complete obscurity), can walk on cavern walls;

Favored Actions:

  • Pincers strike (damaging attack) - Might vs Guard
  • Catching prey (inflict immobile) - Might vs Guard
  • One-eyed terror (inflict Fear) - Influence vs Resolve
  • Augment might (invoke Bolster might) - Alteration vs 16 (PL 3)


Doppelganger (level 7)

Spy, assassin, deceiver… Over time, the doppelgangers earned themselves a dark reputation. Once a small group of arcane assassins, they were cursed by a demon whom they betrayed. They now serve him and him only. The curse gave them great powers of disguise but made their true form, seldom seen by anyone else than the group members, disgusting and shifting. They infiltrate empires, disguising themselves as some killed noble and amassing power for their true master.

Strategy: Rarely fights head on. Most of the time, the doppelganger will impersonate some high ranking individual and use its new minions to do the dirty work. If all else fails, it’ll charm or dominate anyone deemed useful. When defeat is inevitable, it’ll retreat or find someone else to deceive or impersonate.

Attributes (Special): Learning 6 (2d8), Logic 6 (2d8), Will 6 (2d8), Deception 7 (2d10), Alteration 6 (2d8), Influence 6 (2d8)
Defenses: Guard 18, Toughness 18, Resolve 22
HP: 26
Speed: 30’
Feats: Boon Focus III (shapeshift), Multi-target V (Area), Evasive footwork, Well rounded
Special: The physical attributes will greatly vary depending on the individual/creature the doppelganger is disguised as.

Favored Actions:

  • Change appearance (invoke shapeshift) - Alteration, automatic success
  • Charm - Influence (d20+2d8) vs Resolve
  • Dominate - Influence (d20+2d8) vs Resolve
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Racos or Travel lizards (Level 2)

Found both in the wild and as a domesticated variant, the racos are giant lizards that can be used as modes of transportation. While the domesticated individuals of the species are quite docile and serve as mounts, these are in fact predators, using their tongue to slow an unsuspecting prey.

Strategy: It’ll charge down on enemy lines to knockdown multiple targets at the same time. Also, the racos will use its usual hunting tool, the tongue, to slow down potential foes. If encountered in the wild, they will use pack hunting techniques as they are social animals.

Attributes: Agility 4 (1d10), Fortitude 4 (1d10), Might 5 (2d6), Perception 4 (1d10), Entropy 5 (2d6)
Defenses: Guard 16, Toughness 17, Resolve 11
HP: 16
Speed: 50’
Feats: Multi-target specialist (melee), Potent bane (slowed), Superior bane focus (knockdown), Skill specialization II (Agility)

Favored Actions:

  • Trample (inflict knockdown, multiple targets if possible) - Might vs Guard, advantage 3
  • Poisonous tongue strike (Invoke slowed) - Entropy vs Toughness
  • Claw slash (damaging attack) - Agility vs Guard

For a physical description, see something like the fire nation lizards in Avatar: the Last Airbender

Just made an update, see first post :slight_smile:

Rikiat or Lizard riders (Level 3)

Riding the racos, these folks have eyes the size of a gem, scaly skins and long hanging ears. Though we mostly know them as bandits, it is only a fraction of their entire population. Nevertheless, their riding skills as well as their accuracy with a throwing spear make a lot of people afraid of them. There are many accounts of individuals being kidnapped by the rikiat, only to be freed after a ransom has been delivered. One survivor said that four rikiat once appeared from nowhere while he was travelling between two cities, almost as if they were waiting on the side of the road and no one noticed them.

Strategy: Ambush and pack hunting techniques. They’ll kill the guards and immobilize anyone deemed valuable with their nets.

Attributes: Agility 5 (2d6), Alteration 5 (2d6), Perception 4 (1d10), Presence 4 (1d10)
Defenses: Guard 16, Toughness 18, Resolve 14
HP: 18
Speed: 30’
Feats: Boon focus I (Invisible), Bane focus (Immobile), Potent bane (Immobile), Resilient

Favored Actions:

  • Spear throw/stab (damaging attack) - Agility vs Guard
  • Grabbing net (inflict immobile) - Agility vs Guard, advantage 2
  • Camouflage (invoke invisible) - Alteration, automatic success, only on self
  • Raider’s reputation (inflict fear) - Presence vs Resolve