High Level Fantasy Creatures

Hi everyone!

Wanted to share a few high level monsters and descriptions for each (criticisms welcome of course). The creatures were made for a fantasy style campaign setting and against PCs well equipped and levels 7+

4-armed Mutant Gargoyle
(Boss Level 8, Large size, 30’ speed, 10’ flying)

Attributes: Might 9 (3d10), Fortitude 9 (3d10), Wil 8 (3d8), Alteration 7 (2d10)

Hit Points: 90

Guard: 23
Toughness: 23
Resolve: 20

Boss Edge: 3

Feats: Resilient, Multi-attack Specialist VI, Attack Specialization VI (Claw), Energy Resistance II (Fire, Electricity, Cold)

Favored Actions

Claw: (damaging attack): Might (3d10) vs. Guard. The gargoyle attempts to focus its flurry of strikes onto the closest and weakest looking creature. The gargoyle will make a total of 4 attacks and has advantage 3 on each.

Regenerate: (invoke regeneration) Alteration (2d10) vs CR 12-24 (PL 1-7) The gargoyle starts rebuilding itself mending any damaged parts.

Grab: (inflict immobile) Might (3d10) vs. Guard. For any prey that seems particularly slippery, the gargoyle tries to grab it to keep it from running away. Special: the immense might of the gargoyle lets it grab up to two creatures and can still move freely while this bane is inflicted on an enemy.

Giant Skeleton
(Level 17, Large size, 20’ speed)

Attributes: Might 10 (4d8), Agility 10 (4d8), Entropy 5 (2d6)

Hit Points: 44

Guard: 27
Toughness: 30
Resolve: 24

Feats: Attack Specialization II (Scimitar), Multi-Attack Specialist II, Energy Resistance II (Cold, Electricity, Entropy), Damage Resistance I (Forceful)

Favored Actions

Double Slice: (damaging attack): Might (4d8) vs Guard. Wielding two massive scimitars, the giant skeleton attempts to cleave its pray into bits. It has advantage 1 while making two attacks with its scimitars.

Overwhelming Might: (inflict fear): Might (4d8) vs Resolve. The supernatural might of the undead giant tends to overcome those of weaker resolve.

Massive Alchemical Ooze
(Level 20, Huge size, 20’ speed)

Attributes: Might 10 (4d8), Energy 10 (4d8)

Hit Points: 60

Guard: 20
Toughness: 20
Resolve: Immune

Special: If the ooze is attacked by a weapon with the precise property, it does not take damage and instead splits into two. The two resulting oozes have half of its original life and is one category size smaller (to a minimum of small).

Feats: Energy Resistance IV (Acid), Damage Resistance III (Forceful), Bane Focus (Persistent damage), Multi-Bane Specialist (Immobile, Persistent damage)

Favored Actions

Pseudopod: (damaging attack): Energy (4d8) vs. Guard. a tendril mass reaches an incredible distance burning the victim with super strong acid. If this damages the target by 5 or more, then the target is inflicted with persistent damage PL 9 (2d6).

Engulf: (inflict immobile and persistent damage) Energy (4d8) vs. Toughness. The ooze moves itself over the target and engulfs it, eating through it with strong acid. Special: The ooze doesn’t move much while engulfing a target.

Dust Spectre
(Boss Level 9, Medium size, 30’ Flying)

Attributes: Entropy 10 (4d8), Movement 9 (3d10), Influence 9 (3d10)

Hit Points: 95

Guard: 27
Toughness: 27
Resolve: 22

Boss Edge: 4

Feats: Energy Resistance IV (Cold, Entropy), Damage Resistance II (Forceful, Precise), Boon Focus III (Insubstantial, Drain Life), Superior Bane Focus (Fatigue)

Favored Actions

Ghostly Touch: (damaging attack): Entropy (4d8) vs. Toughness. If the attack deals 1 damage or more, then the target of the attack is automatically inflicted by the fatigue bane. Also the dust spectre regains health from the attack equal to half the damage dealt.

Enthrall: (inflict dominated): Influence (3d10) vs. Resolve. Particularly powerful or troublesome enemies are manipulated, magically, to fight for the spectre.


They all look good, I have a love/hate relationship with oozes. The only question I have is Resiistance feat?? Cause there’s either Energy resistance feat and Damage resistance feat and they don’t go up that high.

Remember that things for NPC and bosses work differently. 4th level of resistance is immunity if I recall of the top of my head.

I think he might have just mixed a few terms, and the Resistance VI might have just been a switching of the two letters and it was meant to be IV

That’s why my thought was as well… Though in that in it will become immune to precise damage and considering it splits when it takes precise damage… I’m thinking just take out the resistance to precise then?

Yep sorry mixed up the terms on a few of them, should be fixed now, thanks guys!