Vampires monsters

Okay, so this is my first time GMing, and quite a few of my monsters are going to be vampires. Here’s two of the ones I have so far.

Vampire Followers (Level 1)

Black robes, blood red druid tattoos, very little blood, pale grey skin

Attributes: Agility 3, Entropy 2, Perception 3
Defenses: Guard 16, Toughness 14, Resolve 10.
HP: 20
Speed: 30’

Favored Actions:
Dagger:precise, swift. On 5+ persistent damage. On 10+ disarm(1d20+1d8)
Persistent Damage: Persistent Damage (advantage 2) Entropy vs toughness
Bite:Precise, extremely close ranged. Guard. Life Drain boon on hit (PL 5)(1d20+1d8) max damage of 5
Sicken: Sicken Bane (PL 3) Entropy vs toughness

Feats: Bane Focus I (Persistent Damage),
Strategy: encircle foe and strike alternately at target’s back. Followers are used for easy tasks the Vampire Lord wants no questions on.

Vampire Guard(Level 5)

Black and red cloak with leather armor, blood red druid tattoos, bleeds very little, pale grey skin but wear blank red masks. Dissolves to ash when killed.

Attributes: Agility 4, Entropy 1, Movement 3, Perception 4, Learning 2
Defenses: Guard 20, Toughness 16, Resolve 20
Speed: 30ft

Favored Actions:
Long sword strike: forceful, precise. On 5+ persistent damage. On 10+ disarm(1d20+1d10)
Bite:Precise, extremely close ranged. Guard. Life Drain boon on hit (PL 5)(1d20+1d10) max damage of 5
Shadowstep:Teleport boon(PL3)

Feats:Combat Momentum

Vampire guards remain at the lord’s castle to protect their stronghold. When they do go into the field, it is in diamond formation around the high ranked vampire the were assigned to. They eliminate their foes without encircling them, always staying next to their charge, not leaving even to pursue their opponents.

Vampire Bat Scout(Level 2-3ish)

Black leather armor, black druid like tattoos, bleeds very little, wears a bat amulet.

Attributes: Agility 2, Alteration 4, Perception 3
Defenses: Guard 17, Toughness 16, Resolve, 17
Speed: 30 ft

Favored Actions:
Bite:Precise, extremely close ranged. Guard. Life Drain boon on hit (PL 5)(1d20+1d6) max damage of 5
Bat Form: shapeshift(Self, always activates) bat. major action. Roll to sustain at advantage 4 and the sustain is a free action.

Boon Focus tier 3: Shapeshift, bat.

Bat Form
Attributes: Agility 5, Alteration 4, Perception 6
Speed: 60 ft flying, 5 ft walking (flying only disableable by physical damage to wings)

Favored actions:
Bite:Precise, extremely close ranged. Guard. Life Drain boon on hit (PL 5)(1d20+1d8) max damage of 5

Often the scouts will go ahead of the other vampires as bats. If they need help from something they can’t fly away from, the release a mental scream for help that the vampire lord of the region can hear, and a Vapor will teleport in with a Cloaker and allow the scout to transform and escape before vanishing themselves.

My campaign is for 2 players and I want the vampires to be tough, still beatable and to go all the way up in levels. The last time I made a monster, I forgot Perception and he tripped over a tripwire a PC already tripped over (the vampire was supposed to be smart) so I’m hoping to avoid such oversights.

Alright, ajusted the stats and added a bat scout. I plan on adding more here when I get the time such as the Cloaker and Vapor Vampires I mentioned in the strategy for the bat scouts as well as vampire psychics, soilders, crazed blood monsters(I’m thinking of calling the Vampire Gluttons)… etc.
Thanks SamWilby for these ideas!

What do you think? Any ideas/edits or vampires you’ve used?


Are you sure these are meant to be level 4 and 5? They both seem like level 1 NPCs based on the stats; did you use the quick-build statistics in chapter 8?

Other than that these seem sweet, but don’t feel the need to limit yourself to purely human-type vampires. A few ideas to maybe inspire your future builds:

  • Turning into bats is a staple. How will your players deal with an enemy who can Shapeshift to escape when the situation is unfavourable?
  • Less common, but turning into mist is established in vampire lore. The Insubstantial Boon can lead to some very interesting encounters. Invisibility could also be interesting along the same lines.
  • What about something more bestial? Completely blood-crazed, monstrously strong; if they don’t stop it from leaving then it will probably go on a frenzy through the nearby village.
  • Vampires have been known to hypnotise the weak-willed; how will your party react if a beloved NPC turns on them, or if they are forced to turn on each other temporarily?
  • The elder vampire in the area is probably cunning enough to pass off as human nobility. How are they going to convince enough people they aren’t crazy and get enough help to fight such a powerful foe?

Just a few things that crossed my mind, feel free to make use of them however you like. My general advice would be to not forget to tie your enemy NPCs into the narrative, don’t just have them spring out of nowhere and then be forgotten about.

Good luck GMing, and don’t worry about your oversights; we were all new once and I guarantee you that your players won’t care as long as they’re having fun.


Ooh! Awesome ideas, probably will steal all of these! Hmmm… they seem like level 1s? I’ll have to ajust them. I want my players to have some dread as to the vampires hunting them while their low levels :). Vampires and undead are pretty central to the story (and will be working together a lot)

My players are going to freak when one flies away as a bat! Or a bat swarm turning into vampires around them when their higher level!

Thanks for the ideas and tips!

Check the “NPC statistics” table in chapter 8, it has a guide of what attributes, defenses and HP an enemy should have at any given level, and what total level you need to challenge a party. The feats you used are good, but the statistics are in the range for level 1. Feats tweak the difficulty up by varying amounts, but the level of the attribute they use to make attacks is the key thing when determining NPC level.


I don’t even have vampires in my games - but I think I will now.

Awesome ideas. I’m stealing them.

Ok, more vampires here, I was going to edit them in, but well, I forgot how, so here are two more,

Vampire Cloaker (Level 4)
Dark cloak, amethyst pendant, purple druid tattoos that turn black the turn before he Cloaks, little blood, dark grey skin.

Attributes: Entropy 6, Agility 3, Perception 2
Defences: Guard 16, Toughness 13, Resolve 19
Speed: 30ft

2 Daggers: one hand melee and close ranged. Forceful, Precise, Swift. Persistent Damage and Disarm. Duel wielding, advantage 1.

Favored Actions
Twin Dagger Strike:melee. Precise, advantage 1. Agility vs Guard. (1d20+2d8) exceeding by 5 or more triggers persistent damage or disarm.
Backstab: melee. In the back. Precise, advantage 2. Agility vs Guard. (1d20+3d8) exceeding by 5 or more triggers persistent damage.
Throw Dagger:close ranged. Precise. Agility vs Guard. (1d20+1d8) exceeding by 5 or more triggers persistent damage.
Dark Vision:Boon, Blindsight-Entropy(PL 5)
Cloak:Boon, Darkness-Entropy
Mist:Boon, Insubstantial-Entropy (PL 7)
Bite:Precise, melee. Agility vs Guard. Life Drain boon on hit (PL 5)(1d20+1d8) max damage of 5

Boon Focus Tier 3:Darkness-advantage 4 on sustain rolls and may use a free action to reactive if the boon is canceled.

Vampire Vapor (Level 4)
Black robes, white druid like tattoos, very little blood, sickly white skin and metal claw fist weapons.

Attributes: Agility 4, Movement 5, Entropy 3, Perception 3
Defenses: Guard 19, Toughness 14, Resolve 17

2 Metal Claws:One handed melee. Forceful, Precise, Swift. Persistent Damage, Demoralize. Duel wield advantage 1.

Favored Actions
Bite:Precise, melee. Agility vs Guard. Life Drain boon on hit (PL 5)(1d20+1d10) max damage of 5
Attack the Lungs (enter his opponent’s lungs and attempt to suffocate him)-close ranged, must be Insubstantial. Entropy attack on Toughness.
Duel Claw Strike:melee. Precise. Advantage 1. Agility vs Guard. (1d20+2d10) exceeding by 5 or more triggers persistent damage.
Mist:Boon, Insubstantial-Entropy (PL 7)
Mistport(turn into a mist and travel over a long distance):Boon, Teleport-Movement (PL 3+)

Boon Focus Tier 1:Teleport-
Evasive Footwork-Moving away from an enemy doesn’t trigger an attack of opportunity

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Vampire Glutton (Level 7)

When vampires overindulge in blood, they mutate into monstrosities with the mind of a beast and one goal. Eat. They barely resemble the humanoids they once were. Claws replaced fingers. Muscles have grown to grotesque size in asymmetrical shapes. One shoulder is often larger and off balances the Glutton. Due to the balance issues, they often move on all fours.
(Large, 10ft)
Attributes: Might 7, Agility 3, Presence 4, Entropy 2, Fortitude 3
Defences: Guard 22, Toughness 22, Resolve 10(22 if failing the roll would directly prevent getting food)

Favored Actions

Smash: Forceful. (1d20+ highest 2 of 3d10 vs Guard) 10+ inflicts knockdown or forced move
Feed:Lifedrain boon (1d20+1d6 vs 20) if someone in the vicinity is bleeding give advantage 1
Leap: Focus action. Leap 10’ into the air and crash down on Glutton’s target. (1d20+2d10 vs Guard) on 5+ inflict knockdown.
Charge: Focus action move double speed towards target and Might attack (1d20+lowest 2 of 5d10 vs Guard) exceeding by 10 triggers forced move or knockdown.
Roar:Deafen Bane-10’ cube area bane attack using Presence. (1d20+lowest of 3d10s vs Toughness)


Battle Trance:Free action on his turn to enter battle trance. While in trance, Advantage 1 on all attacks, Toughness, Guard and Resolve defenses increased by 3. If he takes three consecutive turns without making an attack roll, the battle trance ends. When the battle trance ends, suffer 1 level fatigue bane.


If someone is half or below half health, immediately inflict on Glutton Provoked Bane and Haste boon.


Find Food. Chase Food. Smash Food. Eat Food. Repeat.

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it might help if you did a bit of formatting with these to make them a little easier to read. It isn’t anything you HAVE to do of course, just a suggestion.

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