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oh goodness, no wonder. No, the die roll itself already has all that formatting, so there could be all sorts of things going on there.

you can just do:


Javascript creates the whole line of the template and all that stuff.

this is an example of what the (attribute)_dice_roll looks like:

&{template:openLegend} {{title= Learning Roll}} {{subTitle= @{Board and Sword|character_name}}} {{roll= @{Board and Sword|learning_dice_roll}}}

actually, hmm… maybe not, I’m tired right now.

But, any reason you are using that macro instead of just the buttons?

And, there is no way for you to know which dice are connected with which other dice, b/c it is just showing you the total instead of the numbers like if you roll it with the built in templates. You are just guessing based on the 3d dice (which sometimes aren’t accurate to what was rolled)

for others reading the thread, the problem with the macro call was this:

ah, here you go, do it like this, take out the [[ and the ]] before and after the call

&{template:default} {{AOE Energy Attack}} {{Vs:=Guard}}{{Score:=[[@{selected|energy_dice_roll}]]}} <<< so not this

&{template:default} {{AOE Energy Attack}} {{Vs:=Guard}}{{Score:=@{selected|energy_dice_roll}}} <<< this

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How much description should I show at a time (now scrollable), see & discuss here:

Just throw this update so it will for sure hit the Monday (usually) merge for the github server, which then should trickle to the Roll20 site by Tuesday/Wednesday.

If I have more time before the merge happens, might try and slip in 1 or 2 more little updates.

1.8.8 on 2017 July 2nd

  • Fixed a typo in the Initiative output to chat (when clicking on Speed)
  • Made any Description output to the chat window from Actions be limited to 5 lines
    • If over 5 lines, adds a scroll bar, so now it won’t take up so much space when someone has lots of description/info
  • Added in text below “Guard”, “Toughness”, and “Resolve” that indicates you can click them to do resist rolls
  • Also renamed “power level” variable that was causing error if you dragged an action to the quick bar that wouldn’t display the “Max” power level info.

Coming soon (working on it right now and making sure no glitches/bugs).

What’s this? Feats, Perks, & Flaws in 1 column instead of 2. AND it auto combines the old two columns into 1 so you don’t lose any info?

What’s this? Commonly used token Stats capitalized so they show up at the top for quick assignment to Roll20 token bubbles? (in progress…)

Also planning to add in support for Destructive Trance (dice explode on 1 less than max as well as max)

And hopefully putting in either a seperate “initative” button or with Speed, having a gear for options to select another attribute (for attribute sub) when you roll initatitive


1.8.9 on 2017 August 14th

  • Made the 2 columns into just 1 column for Feats, Perks, & Flaws
    • Code that auto combines the two columns into 1 new so no data lost
  • Added captialization to certain attribute names
    • Causes them to show at the top of the list for selecting the bubbles for tokens
    • Built in redundency, so new Characters will see a few doubles that have “4Token” on the end, as old sheets will still be lower case

These updates won’t go live until next week, they already merged today earlier, so next monday the merge should happen on Roll20’s end, and then a day after it should go live to the Roll20 website.

Hoping to get “Destructive Trance” option in before then, and even option to keep a default Advantage amount entered in for different actions. Will have to see how much time I have before Monday.

Will be traveling Wednesday - Monday (headed to GenCon), so might not get a chance to work on it more.

EDIT: you can access new code via the github if you have custom sheets

2 Likes on 2017 September 11th

  • Made Destructive Trance Checkbox for Actions, Other Actiosn, and Legendary Items
    • Allows explosions on 1 less than max die size

Managed to get this done this morning and into the github before merging happened, SO, this means sheets should be updated with Destructive Trance hopefully by mid week, assuming they do merges today on Roll20’s end.

going to work some on getting default advantage done as well, and if they haven’t merged yet at that point, will add it in.

2 Likes on 2017 September 11th

  • GUI update to HP & Speed
    • Lethal Damage combined with Current & Max HP lines
    • Speed made with ribbon, and taking up less space
    • Initiative made a seperate button
  • Initiative Advanced Options on 2017 September 12th

  • Default (dis)advantage number for Actions & Attributes
    • Can now enter a default (dis)advantage amount for all action & attributes
    • The pop-up to ask you the number of (dis)advantage will be populated with this number now
      • This allows you to still modify it if you have additional above or below your default

all Attributes and Actions now have a default value you can enter for advantage. Not sure when Roll20 is going to actually merge though. Sometimes when it doesn’t happen on Monday, it doesn’t happen for a full week. on 2017 October 16th

  • Fixed HP/Lethal Damage having odd error that locks up HP calculations on sheet
  • Outputs to chat show Attribute Score next to the Attribute now
  • Attributes can have a max value of 10
    • Before only 9 has that is the highest a PC can have (changable through “dice modifer”)
    • Changed it to 10 so NPC charactersheets can have this value and to make it possibly easier for players

Github is updated, just has to merge on Roll20 and get pushed to the website on 2017 November 18th

  • Fixed Default (Dis)Advantage not always popping up correctly
  • Updated Attribute description text
  • GUI update to chat window rolls
    • Rolled Value much larger
    • Power Level display changed
      • Now shows you the Achieved Power Level based on your roll
      • Shows the Min Needed to Succeed as well as the Max Allowed (based on what is entered in Actions)
    • Increased the Description areas to display a max of 7 lines (mouse scroll wheels jump 6-7 lines at a time)

Githubs are updated. Will probably Merge on Monday (Thanksgiving holiday that week, so not sure), and then update to the website by maybe Tuesday? on 2017 November 27th

  • Inventory, Notes, Goals, Beliefs, & Instincts can now be sent to chat
  • Inventory Area Re-worked


Hey, just got on the forum, thanks for updating the stats to go to a max of 10 for NPCs! I remember talking with you on discord a while back and the topic came up. It’s always nice knowing input is valued!!

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Requests transcribed from Discord

  • Make lower sections (Feat, Perks, Flaws) stack horizontally rather than vertically to reduce scrolling
  • “Scroll” effect doesn’t fit with aesthetic of some games
  • Display Advantage used as well as Attribute Score when outputting the results of a roll
  • Visual difference between Banes and Boons in the Actions section

coolio, this was the only thing that wasn’t actually on the list of things I was planning. Hmmm… and might be a very difficult thing to do presently… I’ll figure it out though.

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I was asked to come over here and explain why I prefer the minimalist sheet over this sheet. This sheet is not a bad sheet and has many of the features I would like that aren’t in the minimalist one (for example, an active creator)! But, still I use it over this one because it is visually better and easier to use.

We’ll start at the top bar of sliders, while extremely helpful at times, it shoves everything down from when you initially open the sheet. It also shares no similar appearance to the rest of the sheet, which makes it stand out, which is somewhat good. Could this not be hidden when you click the gear, which as far as I am aware, doesn’t do anything?

Second thing, Layout. For some reason, if you drag the edge of the sheet, instead of everything staying centered or evened out, some items lock to the left side, some reorganize themselves so there is now 4 per row instead of 3, and others just stay in the center. I suggest finding what you want to be the default, and setting all of them to that one. Furthermore, Feats and Perks are offset from everything else, placed so that they are forced to go as long as possible and halfway through Favored Actions to the other half of Other Actions, as if laying bricks. As I understand it, you are working on remedying this last one. And in order to fit the 3 line system you have going for the top, I would suggest putting the Inventory right next to them and making it be a repeated section, like Feats, Perks, and Actions. I understand that we can only have twenty items of inventory, but not always do I want 20 items of inventory to have to see.

Third thing, appearance. I understand what you were going for appearance wise, mimicking the sheet from the PDF, but there are some problems with doing this layout. For one, wasting space as most of these designs take up inches of space that could be used to consolidate space and make scrolling easier. Second, it sets a theme in a game not meant to be theme locked. It feels either pirate or medieval and I’m not sure which. But it doesn’t fit for Modern or sci-fi. Third, not all your text fits in the boxes well enough. Toughness clips the edges for me, as well as several text boxes in actions, feats, perks, and inventory. Fourth, random colors. We have a mostly grey and colorless sheet, but there are a few colors thrown in. We have the green at the top for when things are on, but the off is grey. The teal-ish blue color over the top of favored actions, feats, perks, and flaws. It stands out, but not in a nice and gentle way.

Fourth major thing. The gears. The only ones with any meaningful use are the ones next to attributes. The gear at the top seemingly does nothing. The one next to init hides the attribute and advantage/disadvantage, but doesn’t actually shrink the length as while Wealth moves up, everything else recognizes that space is something there and leaves the same amount of space blank as if you had it open anyways. For Favored Actions, it works and I like it. Feats and Perks, it makes it seem like settings, not expanding it so you can see the description of the ability. It’s not often I need to roll those or push them out for the GM (though not necessary to remove the feature, a more appropriate button might make sense for them).

I hope this helps and explains some of the reasons why I prefer one sheet over the other. I’m not trying to be rude, and I know you’ve put a lot of time and effort into this sheet. Which I am sure I speak for most people here when I say Thank You for doing that.

Other suggestions:

  • Would be nice if the sheet auto-calculated Attribute and Feat Points (As this is based on XP)
  • Removing the white background around the roll template, I use a plugin to help me know when different people talk by changing the background color. Makes the white border extremely noticeable.
  • A link on the sheet that can take you to the discussion here. Like “For questions, ideas, or complaints, please go to [link] to let us know!”

As far as I’m aware, the sheet does this. Is it not working in your games?