Roll20 Character Sheet

So for extraordinary items,

They can have proprieties all their own, and use their own attribute instead of the characters.

Originally I was thinking of just making a checkbox within the Favored and Other actions, however, now I think I’ll do something different.

Since not everyone will use extraordinary items out of the box, I think I’ll just make a seperate section. Make it just like Favored Actions, but call it Extraordinary Items. Then have seperate code for determining the rolls and all that, and the player can choose to either show it or not via the toggle. It will be default to off position.

@Great_Moustache, that one was actually a custom monster (but yes, normally SRD import).

The main benefit of the embedded statblock macro is that I don’t have to create one specifically for each monster. I am not sure how it works under the hood, but it works for every character sheet from one macro. It might track the number of repeating sections and then output them using the relative repeating macro style (something like %{name|repeating_action_$0_action} )

yeah, the code can be pretty crazy for that stuff, but it is possible. That would be later implementation for sure. Want everything working on the sheet, then simplify the sheet quite a bit. Right now the code works, but some isn’t pretty. Once that is done, then add extra feature like what you are talking about.

Priority is to get to 2.0.0 that is listed above.

BTW, here is the macro code for when “shaped_statblock” is called:

/w @{Sacred Stone Monk|character_name} @{Sacred Stone Monk|output_option} &{template:5e-shaped} {{title=@{Sacred Stone Monk|character_name}}} {{subheader=^{@{Sacred Stone Monk|size}} @{Sacred Stone Monk|type}, @{Sacred Stone Monk|alignment}}} {{Armor Class=@{Sacred Stone Monk|ac} (@{Sacred Stone Monk|ac_note})}} {{Initiative=@{Sacred Stone Monk|initiative}}} {{Hit Points=@{Sacred Stone Monk|HP} (@{Sacred Stone Monk|hp_formula})}} {{Speed=@{Sacred Stone Monk|speed_string}}} {{Abilities=Str @{Sacred Stone Monk|strength} (@{Sacred Stone Monk|strength_check_mod_with_sign}), Dex @{Sacred Stone Monk|dexterity} (@{Sacred Stone Monk|dexterity_check_mod_with_sign}), Con @{Sacred Stone Monk|constitution} (@{Sacred Stone Monk|constitution_check_mod_with_sign}), Int @{Sacred Stone Monk|intelligence} (@{Sacred Stone Monk|intelligence_check_mod_with_sign}), Wis @{Sacred Stone Monk|wisdom} (@{Sacred Stone Monk|wisdom_check_mod_with_sign}), Cha @{Sacred Stone Monk|charisma} (@{Sacred Stone Monk|charisma_check_mod_with_sign})}} {{Saving Throws=@{Sacred Stone Monk|saving_throw_macro_var}}} {{Skills=@{Sacred Stone Monk|skills_macro_var}}} @{Sacred Stone Monk|damage_resistances_var} {{Senses=@{Sacred Stone Monk|senses_string}}} @{Sacred Stone Monk|languages_chat_var} {{Challenge=@{Sacred Stone Monk|challenge} (@{Sacred Stone Monk|xp_readable})}} @{Sacred Stone Monk|racialtraits_chat_var} @{Sacred Stone Monk|classfeatures_chat_var} @{Sacred Stone Monk|feats_chat_var} @{Sacred Stone Monk|traits_chat_var} @{Sacred Stone Monk|actions_chat_var} @{Sacred Stone Monk|reactions_chat_var} @{Sacred Stone Monk|legendaryactions_chat_var} @{Sacred Stone Monk|lairactions_chat_var} @{Sacred Stone Monk|regionaleffects_chat_var}

yeah, what is crazy to output that is the javascript that goes through to create that string that gets outputted to the chat window.

It’s fun to create it though, I enjoy the challenges.

The source for that sheet is available, but yes, its some crazy javascript that he is using. :slight_smile:

Basics first, totally agreed.

Oh, @Great_Moustache, while I’m being a pain :slight_smile: I was looking at the Chrome behavior with <input type=number> the other day and found this workaround/fix:

Not sure you can do this type of thing inside Roll20, and I know it’s really Chrome’s fault, but I think the fact that you can change the value of a field by scrolling over it by accident without even being focused is super annoying!

Can’t do that with javascript via roll20.

You fix this in CSS actually, not javascript, in most cases. This is how I took away the Up and Down arrows on the right hand side.

Though again, the point was to HAVE the scroll feature, or else I wouldn’t have used the number, and just used text.

Just to be clear, you CAN normally do this via javascript, but not through a charactersheet on roll20 site. They purposfully limit the type of java you can use so you can’t break stuff or put in harmful code.

Right - that’s what I was assuming re: the roll20 “sandbox.” I hate that chrome does this, you can be editing your attributes and scroll down and all of a sudden you have like a -31 agility :stuck_out_tongue:

Just messing with you :slight_smile:

I understand the frustration that can come from that.


@Great_Moustache you have my permission to use this for any and all of my suggestions:


Added in Extraordinary/Legendary Items section.

Put Feats, Perks, & Flaws together in the show/hide fields.

Planning to reduce the double columns for Feats, Perks, and Flaws next


Updated with what is posted above, but repeated here:

  • 1.8.5 on 2017 May 6th
  • Fixed an error that caused actions to not roll because of ‘undefined’
    • Caused by previous fix to Advantage/Disadvantage to the d20 in 1.8.0
  • Added support for modifying the “Level” to calculate XP, Feat Points, and Attribute Points
    • Previously it was only if you modified XP, now works for both
  • If value higher than 9 or lower than 0 is entered for Attribute, changes it to 0 or 9 as needed
    • Shouldn’t be able to have values higher or lower than these
    • If value of 10 needed for dice size, can be done via input field within attribute settings "Attribute Dice Bonus/Penalty

EDIT: As per normal, merge probably won’t happen on Roll20 end until Monday, and might take longer to go live on the website.


I’m not sure if this is right or not because I’m new to exploding dice, but I’m not sure your attribute dice rolls are working on advantage/disadvantage when they explode.

On a Disadvantage 3 Energy Roll (Stat:5, Dice:2D6!!),a D20:4, then it rolled 5 dice: 6,5,4,4,2, then because the 6 exploded another die was rolled:3

Total Score : 9.

Are exploding dice supposed to hurt you when you have disadvantage? Seems my score should have been 10 (4+4+2).

Am I off base here?

So, the way roll20 works it would not have shown a 6 by itself, so it wouldn’t show a 6. It would auto tally it.

do you have a screen shot of this? For example, below a I did the exact same roll you were indicating (disadvantage 3 on an Attribute 5) See how it is a 10 & a 9, it doesn’t say 6+4 or 6+3

Also, just noticed that something is weird on the other side (advantage).

Stat:5 (2d6!!) Advantage3. D20=13, 5d6=6,6,6,5,2 (3 explosions=2,2,1)

Total= 32.

I’d think my total should be 29 (13+6+6+2+2)-(I am assuming that the first two explosion dice were 2s)

thanks again for all the work, let me know if you want me to test some things out. I’m using 3D dice, and a macro, if there is a better way for me to display the order of the dice rolls for bug testing, let me know.

Wait, what do you mean you are using a macro? Are you not using the attribute rolls themselves? are you using your own forumla.

What is the macro you are using?

Make sure you are using !! and not a single ! for rolls in roll20 (discord dice bot sidekick only uses 1 ! )

screen shot of dice roll:

so you aren’t actually using the sheet at all then.

What is your macro? On the sheet, all you need to do is click on the Attribute itself (the name) of if you make an action, click on the name of the action to roll them.

I am calling the the energy_dice_roll from the character sheet. I’d assume this would be the same as clicking on it.

&{template:default} {{AOE Energy Attack}} {{Vs:=Guard}}{{Score:=[[@{selected|energy_dice_roll}]]}}