Extended Weapons List


Hey guys!

The Open Legend Core Rules has a huge selection of weapons that have already been designed for PCs and NPCs to use! That’s awesome! I’m a huge fan of options!

What’s even more awesome?

The game creators designed a system for creating YOUR OWN weapons to use for your characters in the game!

Pretty cool, right?

One thing I like most about the Open Legend community is the degree of creativity its members have. So let’s put those creative minds to work, and throw together some MORE weapons for our fellow GMs and PCs to take a look at, and implement into their own games!

[details=Here are some examples of weapons that have already been contributed to the community:]


If you have come up with some good ideas, simply follow the guidelines in the Building Your Own Weapons or Building Your Own Extraordinary Items sections of the Core Rules, and post the ideas in the Replies below!

Here's an example of what a good reply might look like:


A menacing braid of leather extends from a thick handle. The wielder lashes out at his opponent, leaving welts and causing a sharp, stinging pain.

Wealth Level - 2

Category - One-handed Melee

Properties - Precise, Reach

Banes - Disarmed, Knockdown, Provoked


Take a look at what others have posted!


Here’s an attempt at a multi-mode weapon concept:

Force Baton

This weapon when deactivated is simple baton, when triggered emits a beam of pure force, nearly invisible to the naked eye. Twisting the baton forms a staff and finally, when the user grasps the baton in staff mode and pulls, it releases a shot of pure force.

WL: 3
Category: One Handed Melee, Two Handed Melee, Long Ranged
Banes: Disarmed, Knockdown, Forced Move
Properties: Deadly 1, Damage(Force), Weapon (Longsword, Staff, Longbow)


One thing I have struggled with is how to make weapons that are interestingly different in OL. I’d love to see more examples of that. :slight_smile:

Interestingly different in OL? what do you mean?

All in the flavor of the player is where things get interestingly different.

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Mage's Blunderbuss

This weapon is similar to a wide mouthed blunderbuss but lacks a trigger or firing mechanics, and is covered during in magical runes and signs. Used as a magical focus these weapons allow for low power magical attacks to be focused into longer ranges. It comes in both rifle and pistol forms. **WL:** 2 **Category:** close ranged (pistol), short range (rifle) **Banes:** Any banes associated with the attribute used for the attack. **Properties:** None **Special:** Rather than using agility or might for attacks with this weapon, any extraordinary attribute except for alteration, prescience, or protection must be used.

That is such a neat idea. Snag

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I don’t know exactly. D&D-type games have different damage dice. Other games have armor piercing or other obvious special rules. I guess I don’t feel like I’ve seen weapons in OL and thought “wow, that’s so cool!”. Some of that is probably my own limited thinking or not being broad enough in understanding the extraordinary item properties. Or something.

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Well since damage in this system is based on how much higher you roll than the targets guard, damage dice don’t really apply, but things that give you advantage like the deadly property let you do some pretty crazy damage. Armor piercing rounds could just have a special effect where the opponents guard is decreased by so much if they’re wearing armor, or something like that. That’s the great thing about Open Legend, it’s Open. if you want to do something different ,or make a certain weapon, you can.

Deadly is giving a weapon armor piercing.

All of it is in the fluff and flavor.

Deadly 3 on Armor Piercing rounds = Teflon coated, high explosive
Deadly 3 on a Sword = Magically blessed by the goddess Teflonia
Deadly 3 on a Sword = Expert craftsmanship to the finest honed edge

It is left with simple descriptions for 2 reasons

  1. So you can quickly know the mechanics
  2. So you can add whatever flavor/fluff based on your character and setting/campaign.

What would work for a description in a Sci-fi setting might not work well for a medieval setting.