Ghadanvor's Thurible

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Ghadanvor’s Thurible

Ghadanvor’s Thurible is an ornate ball & chain that is plated in gold and galvanized steel. Attached to one end of the chain is an elegant gauntlet inlaid with tanzanite gems that is perpetually clenched in a fist, which is fitted around the wielder’s hand. On the other end of the chain is a head-sized wrecking ball with many openings that constantly pour out black smoke and the smell of anise.

Wealth Level - 5

Baneful (Fatigued), One-handed, Forceful, Reach

Forced Move, Knockdown, Provoked

Extraordinary Banes
Fatigued 5


Nice item description! It would be nice to maybe give it a more mechanical or backstrory-y description. but hey, im no one to judge :slight_smile:.

I am afraid, however, that you can’t invoke Fatigued with this item (and by proxy cant have the Baneful property, i belive) since that’s a Power Level 5 bane and the item only has PL 3.

PS: This item doesn’t exactly give me the vibe that it could be used to make attacks with Agility :neutral_face:. Why does it have Precise?

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You are totally right! Good catch! That part’s been edited!

@Brycelor Nice! Remember to adjust the Wealth level accordingly as well :slight_smile:

:+1: done

Also, another good point. It would be more of a crushing, bludgeoning sort of weapon.

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Hey, I was looking at Special Equipment again, and realized I don’t need to grant the wielder access to Entropy 5 in order to invoke Fatigued, nor would I need it in order to have the Baneful (Fatigued) Property.
It’s a good thing I looked at that again, because otherwise, the Wealth Level would have to be 8 :grimacing:! Which wouldn’t seem very reasonable for this.

Indeed, you can just give the item a single bane for it to invoke and it would result cheaper, that’s probably way better if your intention was to only grant the weapon the ability to invoke Fatigued, rather than allowing to make Entropy attacks.

Also, i dont belive Entropy 5 + Baneful would result on a Wealth Level 8 item, how did you got that calculation?

Baneful (Fatigued) + Fatigued 5 + Entropy 5
Respectively 2+2+3 according to the two tables.
Which would be a silly waste as far as WL is concerned

if your item has Entropy 5, you can already make bane attacks and invoke all boons you could normally perform if your character had Entropy 5, including Fatigued e_e

I agree it would be a silly waste :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS: The “Intimidated” bane does not exist, unless that’s something of your own creation. You might be refering to either the Provoked or Demoralized banes :slight_smile:

Haha exactly

Woah what was I thinking? Where did I get Intimidated from?

Geez I hope that’s the last of the blatant mistakes haha