Magical Items (Sword & Sorcery)

Magical item dump :slight_smile:

Elixir of Vitality; WL 5; Heal 5 (2d6), Consumable, Special: Heals lethal damage equal to half (rounded down) of the amount healed by the Heal boon.

Potion of Polymorph; WL 4; Shapeshift 8 (3d8), Consumable

Scroll of Divination; WL 4; Prescience 8 (3d8), Consumable

Magic Dagger; One-handed Melee, WL 5; Precise, Swift, Deadly 2 (Banes: Persistent Damage, Disarm)

Staff of Striking; Two-handed Melee, WL 4; Forceful, Deadly 3, (Banes: Knockdown, Immobile, Forced Move)

Wand of lightning; WL 6; Energy 7 (2d10), Area (30’ line), Damage (Lightning)

Wand of Magic Missile (Major); WL 6; Energy 7 (2d10), Damage (Forceful), Special: Can multi-target up to 2 targets within 25’ without incurring disadvantage

Bracers of Defense; WL 5; Special: Gain a +1 bonus to all defenses. This bonus does not stack with the Extraordinary Defense feat.

Cloak and Boots of Elvenkind; WL 4; Agility 6

Displacer cloak; WL 4; Phantasm 6, Special: You can only use the cloak to make a replica of yourself within 25’. You may use Phantasm 6 (2d6) to defend yourself with the defend action, confusing your attacker.

Rope of Climbing; WL 2; Special: This 50’ rope magically extends rigidly to the length wished by the user (even completely horizontally). The rope can withstand up to 300lbs of weight at any given time and those climbing it do not require any checks to do so.

Magical Plate Armor; WL 6; Req. Fort 3, Defense Bonus 3, Speed Penalty 5’, Resistance 3 (1d8, Forceful), Persistent (Resistance, Forceful)

Gauntlets of Ogre Power; WL 5; Might 8 (3d8)

Wand of Magic Detection; WL 2; Detection 5 (2d6, Magic)

Ring of Fire Resistance; WL 5; Resistance 5 (2d6, Fire), Persistent (Resistance, Fire)