Cheat sheets/DM screens?

What are the most useful tables/data for a DM to have quick reference sheets for? Has anyone already created such items?

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I’m not following you, I promise (if you are the same person on reddit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I’ll see if I can get some people over on discord to weigh in with anything helpful on this post.

I’ll repost what I put on reddit though:

I’d recommend just printing out the NPC quick build table.

for me, the biggest things to know when making a sudden and quick encounter/NPC is this:

Biggest things that make a difference in a fight are advantage & dice.

The BIG Attribute score increases:

5 = 2d6, you start to keep 2 dice

8 = 3d8, you start to keep 3 dice

10 = 4d8, you start to keep 4 dice

Difficulty based on Advantage

1~2 disadvantage = easy

0 advantage = moderate

1~2 = Average

3~4 = Challenging

5~6 = Hard

7~8 = Extreme

you could further break down the advantage dice I suppose, but basically after 5-6 dice you are pretty good as far as advantage goes. That’s the “golden” number of advantage I strive for to make an effective action that is highly likely to succeed.

After that, you don’t really get much benefit unless you are really hedging your bets against you just being an unlucky roller.

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@Vrenshrrg mentioned this one on discord:

Other things that might be good to include are:

  • Things to give advantage for
  • Enivormental Damage table
  • Quick build info
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and for others visiting this thread, here’s a general player quick reference sheet, which of course is good for a GM as well:

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Nope, I’m not the person on Reddit. :slight_smile: I’m a horrible Ludite and don’t use Reddit at all!! lol

I am the one from reddit he speaks of.

I managed to toss this together since then. It’s mostly just cut-and paste from the PDF ruleset.

Still, It’s most of the information I think I’d need, and it fits on two pages. Page one is more combat based stuff, although it might be worth cutting the equimpent list. Page two is attributes and Quickbuilding.

It was designed with Great Mustache’s player sheet in mind, so I tried to avoid redundant information across the two.


Hey I know im a bit late and I really enjoyed your dm reference sheet. Its something I need but don’t really have to the time to make.

Here are a few suggestions I would make. The player character level advancement and the characters beyond first level section seem just a bit redundant to me. characters beyond first level too me could just be replaced with a table saying how many attribute points and feat points players get per xp.

Also Maybe its just me but I would find a table with all the weapon keywords and their explanation very useful. I constantly Have to look up what they mean.

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I just released a GM Screen over here:

Enjoy! :wink:

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