Working on a monsters book

uploaded newest version not much added, work has been a hassle. I still need to add a bunch of OGilgamesh’s monsters to the book.

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I would love to help with this project, what’s the best why to get work to you?


either start a new thread and link it too me here or PM them too me. those two options are best as I would rather not have monsters posted here in this thread as it would cram it up a lot. Thanks for any work you do in advance.

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Added a few more of OGilgamesh’s monsters to the book, and fix the fact he wasn’t credited for his work. PDF updated.

I have a question, are you strictly creating these as you would a player character? Or can I build the stats and powers as would best make the monster? Because I feel like certain creatures would have access to different powers or attribute scores at "x"level that is nonparallel to PC’s…

I use the simple NPC rules and give abilities and stats as needed. SRD page. scroll down for NPCS
As long as they are not to powerful for their level its all good. and other people will usually chime in with thoughts.

Point of clarification: that’s not the SRD, but you’re better off using that page anyway because the SRD hasn’t been updated to the print version of the rules yet.

But yeah, you’re better off using the simple build rules for monsters rather than creating full new characters. I’d only use a full build for important allies or enemies that are supposed to be comparable to the players. For anything else, there’s no reason to restrict yourself to a set number of feats or attribute points; just compare attributes and defenses to the simple build table, and maybe tweak it up or down a level if you’re using a lot/few feats.


the issue with that system is an easy encounter between 4 lvl1 adventures would be say 2 lvl one goblins… which just doesn’t feel right, for me goblins are weakfish gang type things so 4 players should be taking on 5 or 6 goblins which doesn’t really fit in this system of npc creation, its just the way they break it down it turns encounters into rigid number sets

you should look at the Minion options.

Also, the simple build is just a suggestion for you to use. Different play styles of the players will cause that to be different. The more you use it, the more you’ll be able to tweak it for your players to fit.

I’ve never been one to use “CR” calculations even in DnD, I usually make a creature that makes sense for the area and encounter and use them like that. I follow this the most when creating a simple NPC: Cheat sheets/DM screens?

And of course, for a complex, I usually make it a level that feels right compared to the players with potential minions or other NPC to balance out the action economy.


That entire section of the rules is all suggestions, it’s there to give you something to base your estimations of difficulty on rather than forcing you to guess how hard an encounter will be. It’s expected that a more experienced GM will be able to get a “feel” for encounters that can’t easily be quantified or explained. It depends heavily on the feats of the party and the enemies in question, as well as factors like tactics, the battlefield and any items the party has.

@Great_Moustache is right though, you can easily do the “hoards of goblins” encounter using minions, though you should be wary of using too many or action economy and explosion statistics will make it harder than you expect.


So i fixed up the book so all the creatures use the same format with their favored attacks and matching font . Makes it a bit less chaotic.

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It’s been a bit since I did any updates. Busy period at work and all but I have added some dinosaurs and animals and with any luck will work on some more in the near future.

I would like to assist in any way I can. I have been trying to add some creatures to the Wiki but my inexperience and the wealth of information is slowing me down. Let me know the best way to get you some creatures.

Just remove the parts you aren’t using on the wiki. It lays out the outline for you to see what you can include. You can simply remove the parts you aren’t using.

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The easiest ways to get monsters to me is to make a thread with your creatures in it. And then link them here and then i will add them to the book. That way you csn add more to your thread and i can add them as i have time.

Displacer beast added. Will add more as time permits.

By the way, there are a couple of typos. Under the Tarrasque entry, Lethal Strikes IX should read (Affects all attacks). Similarly, under the Zombie entry, you use “effected” twice, when it should be “affected” both times.

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Fixed and new copy should be up. Thanks for the help, grammar is far from my strong suit.

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Sorry, I think you changed the wrong ones under the Zombie entry. I should have been more specific. Here’s the relevant parts of the entry edited for grammar and word choice:

Zombieism: (Special) Entropy vs Resolve, else
target is infected with zombieism, a disease that
will cause the target to rise as a zombie if not
cured. Methods to cure are up to GM but can
include cure spells, first aid, rare
ingredients, or even be impossible.
Charge: (Special) Once per encounter, a
zombie can ignore the effects of the slowed
bane and charge after a target. There is a 50%
chance when doing so that it trips or stumbles
on something and is affected by the knockdown
bane at some point during its movement.
Slowed: (Special) Zombies are constantly under
the effect of the slowed bane.
Undying: (Special) Zombies only stop moving
when their head is destroyed. Only damage to
the head is removed from hitpoints; all other
damage can be described cinematically as
damaging or removing limbs.
Attacks that target a zombie’s head have disadvantage 3.

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thanks again my master file is updated but ill have to upload it later.

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