Player Reference Sheet

Hey there, Community!

For players who are new to Open Legend, or newcomers to Tabletop RPGs in general, it may take a few sessions to really get accustomed to some of the system’s rules. So let’s all thank @ConradCurtis for making this player reference sheet to print out for use during sessions! It’s a quick and easy way to figure out what some of the options are!


@Brycelor - super thanks for posting this.
@ConradCurtis - super duper thanks for creating this - really clear, well organized, and the first thing I’m going to show my group when I’m teaching them OL rules!

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God damnit @Brycelor why u giving me credit when I just got the info and you made it pretty!!


You’re so humble @ConradCurtis :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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We also need to give credit to @Great_Moustache for proofing and @dclasair for providing source material of earlier versions!!

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Well darn - thanks all around to all you amazing humanoids.

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Thanks very much to everyone involved, looks great, @Brycelor @ConradCurtis @Great_Moustache @dclasair! :heart_eyes:

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@ConradCurtis threw the gauntlet down, @Brycelor got it done first, but here is my stab at it.

I included a little more information, and I also consolidated it all onto just 1 page, no back side, all on the front page.

Might make a back side that has reference information for summons and/or shape shift?

EDIT: Deleted link with some typos. New link to document just below.

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That is pretty darn pretty…Thanks for the resource all who contributed.

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Found 2 typos, should have been a “doesn’t” instead of a “does” and had “advantage” where “disadvantage” should ahve been.

Updated document here, deleted it from the other post.

Open Legend Player Quick Reference.pdf (159.0 KB) [this one has minor spelling errors]

Open Legend Player Quick Reference.pdf (159.0 KB) [Spelling errors fixed]


table misspelled as tabel
movement misspelled as moevement

minor, but had to fix 'em :slight_smile:

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