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Hi Open Legend Community!

I’m brand new to the system and after reading through the rules I think it would be a ton of fun to play! I’m usually the “DM/GM” for my group and I’m looking forward to running “A Star Once Fallen” soon.

My question is what is the font style used on the printable Open Legend character sheet? I like the scroll artwork and having printed sheets rather than electronic ones but I think the character sheet is missing a few things I would consider important like an equipment section.

If I can get the font right and make some decent looking changes I can post the resulting character sheet here for anyone else who is of the same mind.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ipsnc, welcome to the community!

I’m afraid I don’t know the font, but I’m hoping someone more knowledgeable will chime in with that. If you’re looking for an equipment section on a character sheet, you could try printing off a blank version of the Heromuster online character creator, though it does come out a bit small.

Just to make sure you’re aware, “A Star Once Fallen” was written under an older version of the rules. Notably: Evasion is now called Guard and is calculated differently, armor values changed to support this, attribute caps and leveling now work differently, and there have been some changes to various items, banes, boons and feats. The old rule set works fine, just be aware that it won’t quite be the same if you transition from A Star Once Fallen to a new game under the current rules (and you totally should, OL works fantastically in so many different settings, and the rules changes only made it better).

Hopefully someone with some experience in design can work out the font, or someone might know off the top of their head. Do come back and let us know how your first session went!


You can also check out this:

I’m planning to finish the PDF (filling in the blank spaces as the PDF listed there was just an example on spacing), and making it form fillable when I return from my trip (in about 7 days).

Hey @SamWilby thanks for letting me know about “A Star Once Fallen”! I had noticed some discrepancies in the names of things and a few mechanics. I was planning on using the rules that are online and using the module mostly for its plot line and encounters.

I did see that Heromuster character creator sheet but I wanted to have the aesthetics of the scroll work on the character sheets I print for my players. I know that’s pretty nit picky, so if I can’t get it to work out I’ll probably either have them track equipment on the back of the paper or use the Heromuster sheet.

Thanks Sam!

Quick Update: I actually found an exact or very good match for the font type using an online font identifying website with a screen shot of the front from the character sheet.


Character Sheet: Character Sheet 2.0.pdf (2.1 MB)
Banes and Boons Quick Reference: Boons and Banes Sheet.pdf (75.6 KB)

Okay, so after finding the font and a little Photoshop editing with my very limited Photoshop skill’s I’ve come up with this. I personally feel like an equipment section would be more useful to my players than the action section so they can easily record their weapon category, and properties right there for easy reference.

The reason I feel like the action section isn’t needed is that in Open Legend you can do so many things, you can activate any boon or bane or make an attack with a wide array of attributes so I feel like having the actions section may limit some of my players to thinking that what they have written down is all they should use. I guess another reason for this thinking is that I’ve made a Quick Reference Boon and Bane chart for my players that can be printed on one page front and back, so having a few copies at the gaming table to pass around should make it easy for players to see what Banes and Boons they have access to.

I haven’t actually played yet though so maybe after I do I’ll change my mind and go back to the original character sheet! Anyway, here it is for anyone else looking for a printable character sheet with the aesthetic scroll work and a large equipment section.

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The actions section is specifically because there are so many different things that a player can do, it’s a section for recording things that you do often so that you have a go-to list to cut down on decision paralysis from the overwhelming number of options.

Players in my games usually just use the back of their character sheet, because even with a 20 item limit the equipment section still needs to be extremely large. Hopefully you’ll find that the section you’ve added will be big enough for your purposes.

The Banes and Boons sheet is a great idea, a lot of times I find players can forget how open this system is and get stuck in “move, attack, pass” mode without trying anything interesting. Make sure you also keep a summary of the multi-targeting rules on hand until everyone is used to them, that also goes a long way towards keeping combat interesting.

Good luck in your games!

here’s another helpful sheet for players:

I know this is a necro, but he said he found the font, but did not post what they where. I wanted to know and I’m sure others might along the way as well, so I found them and decided to post them, or atless the ones I found. For the all caps font I got IM-FELL-Great-Primer-SC, and for the other I got IM-FELL-Great-Primer-Italic. Not sure it is the same as used, but they sure fit in. Hope this helps someone.