(WIP) Spellcasting for High-Fantasy settings

Here is a work in progress project that I’ve been working on:

It is meant to be the basis for a spellcasting system that resembles more closely to those of a D&D or Pathfinder world, meaning it emulates spellsots and spells known, without straying away completely from the openness of Open Legend.

Feel free to leave any suggestion, critiques, or questions either in the document or on here!


After having run an initial playtest and here are the updated Spellcasting Rules, updated with the lessons learned from the session:


This was a great read! How did these mechanics end up playing out at the table?

The initial system was a bit too restrictive and slowed down play a bit too much, which is why I uncluttered the second version a bit and eased up on the restrictions. I haven’t tested the new version but after next week I should know a bit ore how the new version plays.

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Just found this and I’m interested in implementing this. Any updates since the last post?

Do you have any thoughts about expanding this system to not just “spells” but to signature moves in general? I can envision martial characters having their own signature techniques they can do that can be constructed using this framework.

No updates and there will be none until I throw this into my Kickstarter collection of mechanics and settings.

One could do that but I wouldn’t recommend it. Not only was this quite a bit of work to write up and balance decently but I also don’t see what it would accomplish for physical attacks. You can already easily build “signature moves” with feats and weapons if you focus on it as a martial character. I made this for high-fantasy settings as a way to emphasise and give Extraordinary attributes more oomph since Extraordinary and non-Extraordinary attributes progress the same way otherwise. I don’t see many settings where you would need to boost martial and physical characters as they are already quite epic in OL, especially compared to other fantasy systems.


I’ve made a modified version of this WIP homebrew and it does fit your desire as when I saw it I had the same idea as well. I have been wanting to make a more advanced Power System for Open Legend since the beginning as seen with my very old Advanced Open Legend homebrew. I took Yv’lin’s Spellcasting rules and made it more generic and less specific, instead of yv’lin’s spellcasting, it is simply called the Power System. Built to accomodate for any kind of Power System, from Spells, to Nen, to Stands, to Quirks…! Anything.

Been playing with it for some time now and had lots of playtesting but I never bothered to share it because it was only ever meant for our personal use and I technically stole the rules from @VanGo here. I didn’t think it would be a very nice thing for me to just show off a homebrew of a homebrew. I’d consider it plagiarism.
Oh and also I don’t think the rules are very balanced, they may be just as bad as Advanced Open Legends! (lol) so that’s another reason. Lots of play test doesn’t equate to good balance, especially when you suck at math and psychology as much as I do!

If it turns out it’s okay for me to share it, then maybe I’ll post it somewhere after a little bit of polishing in the writing and removing some of the extra homebrew stuff written there that isn’t related to the Power System…

Feel free to share your extension of the homebrew but it might warrant a thread of its own since it would be a different discussion.

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