(WIP) Spellcasting for High-Fantasy settings

Here is a work in progress project that I’ve been working on:

It is meant to be the basis for a spellcasting system that resembles more closely to those of a D&D or Pathfinder world, meaning it emulates spellsots and spells known, without straying away completely from the openness of Open Legend.

Feel free to leave any suggestion, critiques, or questions either in the document or on here!


After having run an initial playtest and here are the updated Spellcasting Rules, updated with the lessons learned from the session:


This was a great read! How did these mechanics end up playing out at the table?

The initial system was a bit too restrictive and slowed down play a bit too much, which is why I uncluttered the second version a bit and eased up on the restrictions. I haven’t tested the new version but after next week I should know a bit ore how the new version plays.

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