Looking for Players to join a Playtest

Walk the Line: Volunteers Wanted!

A playtest one-shot, testing this new homebrew Spellcasting system: (WIP) Spellcasting for High-Fantasy settings

DAY: Wednesday the 26th of February
TIME: 8:00PM CET (2:00PM Eastern/11:00AM Pacific)
DURATION: Around 3 hours (+time for feedback)
WHERE: Roll20.net + Discord (for Voice)
SETTING: A High-Magic setting in the mountain peaks of the great mountain range of Yv’Lin. Over the centuries the reckless magical traditions have created many creatures and beasts that have escaped the laboratories and test rooms, and are now roaming freely the mountain ranges. Yet those creatures can’t be allowed to cross the border to leave, otherwise, they reveal the existence of this hidden magical realm. You are on border control to stop them! (Level 1 Characters)
SEEKING: 3 to 4 players to participate, newcomers are welcome!

Feel free to leave any questions or PM me.


Is the time set in stone? the time frame seems a little too early in the day for us pacific dudes. But I personally might be able to work around

Other than that I’m down to play, as long as something doesn’t come up.

Pretty much set in stone, because otherwise I would be pushing past midnight, so I set it as late as I can. But don’t worry, there will be other playtest one-shots coming and some on the weekends, so those might better suit you.

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