What gives advantage to initiative rolls?

I have a character on heromuster that is showing advantage 2 on init and I cannot figure out why.

Can someone help me figure it out?

The unarmed strike has the swift property.

For more unarmed strike options see this awesome topic: For more in depth Unarmed Strike

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Indeed, the Swift property on weapons/items gives advantage 2 to initiative rolls. This typically increases the cost of a weapon by 1, though unarmed is a special exception to the cost RAW.

AHHH Of course! That makes sense. I wish it had INIT stats labeled clearly for each weapon!

It will either be labeled as:

Swift (advantage 2 to initiative)


Slow (disadvantage 2 to initiative)

if it has neither of those, it is just normal.

Now if you mean as far as Heromuster showing you that info… he might be able to make that happen, I’ll mention it to @ucffool

I made it happen.

Also made the weapon dropdown alphabetical.

Also, I realized my weapon list is out-of-date (for instance, I lack a Flamethrower), so I need to reparse the SRD :cry:. I’ve completed reparsing the SRD and the site is now up-to-date! :slight_smile:


Thank you, that’s awesome!