The continent of Frall: A collection of fantasy settings

Greetings Open Legion,

For those who are unaware: Over the last year, I’ve been working on assembling and preparing to create a Kickstarter, containing a collection of distinct fantasy settings, set on the same continent, named Frall. After a healthy amount of setbacks and hurdles (many of which all of us have experienced to some degree), I’m now ready to set a timeline for the rollout of that Kickstarter: The Kickstarter should launch, at best, in the middle of Q2 of 2021, so about in May. At worst, the Kickstarter will launch in early September (depending on some procedural and legal stuff).

So, what will this Kickstarter contain? As previously mentioned 4 settings, for each you can find an Introduction (let’s say like an elevator pitch) here:

As an early contributor to the rules, I’ve always felt that OL succeeds at adapting to most, if not all, settings. OL emphasises the storytelling experience, but the system is also malleable and straightforward enough to modify its features to enhance your setting. So, not only will the Kickstarter contain the usual content one might expect from settings (locations, plot hooks, NPCs, items, creatures, encounters, etc.), but also new custom mechanics for each setting, which in most cases can be easily extrapolated to other settings (like a refined version of the previously released Insanity mechanic and a Spellcasting system, among others).

Beyond that, the Kickstarter will also contain an array of new Banes, Boons, Feats, that can be plugged into any game, campaign, or can be applied to any character without any hurdles. Plus, there will be suggestions for modifying existing aspects of the system that I’ve personally or the community have felt a certain dissatisfaction with, like for example the Animation Boon or the Craft Mundane feat. And a couple of tools will be introduced that enhance the system’s basic mechanics, for example, guidance for how to make generic attribute rolls more engaging and how to string them together to create satisfying and story-progressing skill challenges.

So, this is the path that I set out for myself, and I hope that many of you will follow my progress on that path. My goal is that the settings, custom mechanics, and resources that I put out there will enrich your campaigns with new options and spark the community to discuss these options and maybe even suggest new ones, that I might have missed. Either way, expect more updates in the near future and if you have any questions about what content is coming and what I plan to include, feel free to leave them here or send me a message.



Wishing you the best of luck!


Thanks, I hope I have something to offer that most of the community can and will enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of that, I have no doubt.

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