An Introduction to Lorra Sangus

Welcome to Lorra Sangus

Lorra Sangus is the largest region on the continent of Frall, situated just south of the Shney Peaks and extending southwards to the desert region Xol’Nach. Lorra Sangus is divided into many different realms, which are at conflict with each other, to gain greater control over the land. Due to these factions continually warring against each other, foreigners have dubbed Lorra Sangus “Land of Warlords”.

Exploring this setting will reveal the dynamics between these different kingdoms, empires, tribes, and countries, and their inhabitants, who are quite diverse. Centaurs, Elves, Goblins, Humans, and Orcs all call Lorra Sangus their home and ever since the Blood Wars started, they have become immortal enemies. These different groups of inhabitants, referred to as “Folk”, were the first to form alliances, which grew into independent countries. But since then, many new nations, not revolving around heritage, have been established and have fallen. The following nations are currently vying for power in Lorra Sangus:

  • Bedulam, Nation of Honour and Knights
  • Desok, Nation of Humans and Hounds
  • Hismari, Nation of Elves and impenetrable forts
  • Messum, Nation of Diplomats and Trade
  • Olani, Nation of Orcs and siege Weaponry
  • Ramack, Nation of Goblins and Rituals
  • Umeen, Nation of Fanatics and Priests
  • Vaduc, Nation of Centaurs and Raiders

There was a time when the Folk of Lorra Sangus weren’t at war with each other, but that changed once their Celestial, named Kerex, commanded the mortals to unite the region under one ruler. Whoever would win this challenge would become Kerex’ representative and reign supreme in Lorra Sangus with the Celestial’s blessing.

With the ensuing wars ravaging the land, the Folk of Lorra Sangus noticed that some would grow more powerful the more blood was shed around them, becoming able to conjure magical effects, an ability previously unheard of in the region. Blood Magic was born the day the Kerex’ challenge was uttered and has since become a crucial tool for countries and their warlords to secure and consolidate their power in an area.

What to expect from this setting

Lorra Sangus is a setting that revolves around a single major conflict and the consequences of said conflict, the Blood Wars. Ever since it was discovered that fresh blood could fuel strength and magical abilities, the conflicts grew more violent and cruel. These conflicts have a tendency to ebb and flow, as the different factions and armies have to build up new resources, train new fighters, forge new weapons and armours, and create new alliances after every significant clash. Thus the region experiences long stretches of quiet, often seen as the calm before the storm, followed by violent outbursts of large armies clashing on the open fields, fortifications being stormed, villages being plundered, and diplomats being backstabbed.

This setting introduces several new custom mechanics pertaining to many different areas of the Open Legend system. Blood Magic enhances and changes some aspects of the usage of extraordinary attributes. Hit Points are used as a resource to be manipulated by the players, promising many high-risk, high reward scenarios. New banes, boons, and feats are introduced to give additional options to martial characters. Armours will see new entries and added mechanics, to grant more depth to the currently existing armour options. Lastly, a prominent aspect of this setting will be the option to create a home base for high-level characters, once they either have achieved gathering enough renown within a country. High-level characters might be granted or inherit a bastion, a garrison, or a temple, depending on which nation they swore their allegiance to, which they can populate with key NPCs and roles. If the player characters are successfully defending their fortification, can conquest other areas and hold them, they might become one of the warlords, or if everything goes according to their plan, they might even become the last Warlord and thus Kerex’ representative.

This setting is aimed at players and GMs who enjoy introducing more resource management than currently present Open Legend Core Rules. Tracking current Hit Points, Lethal Damage, and the number of wounded characters in a fight can all be used to one’s advantage. At later stages of a campaign, building and managing a fortification can be introduced, as well as expanding said fortification. Beyond that, the setting allows for many diplomatic and political intrigue opportunities, as no war is won with solely brute force.

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