Seyaria Living Campaign: Now Live!

While still looking, SLC has now gone live, see below post.


Seyaria Living Campaign: Now Open to Players!

To begin, a living campaign is a world that keeps on going even when a player is not there to view it. Within this larger campaign are a series of small one to a few session Encounters (ERs) or jobs. When these are not going on, the players partake within Open Roleplay or roleplay that occurs within the main room between these Encounters or Jobs. This ends up being the brunt of the experience. But games can happen anytime there is a Narrator (or GM) that wants to run.

There is no need to worry or focus on times you are available as we will be putting out calls for encounters and the roleplay is open at all times, even without a narrator in what is known as Open Roleplay (ORP). This is a time where people can relax at the main hub and just interact with each other. This is Roleplay focused and Roleplay oriented! That said, our team of Narrators, which we still would love to have more, will be running short one to a few session jobs that your group participates in called Encounters (ERs). I can only go in so much depth here, but you can read more on them on our website:! This includes the Setting details as well as the rules you need to follow!

But how do I join? Joining is done via Roll20’s Looking for Players tab. To sign up, hop over to this link: Follow the instructions there and make an application. I will then accept you (if you followed instructions). PMing me over discord will not get you an invite, you must follow the application process!