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Hello everyone. I am new here and I really enjoy this game system. I do have a question; how do I purchase a copy of the final rules in a pdf format? Do I purchase it through the backerkit store? I looked in drivethrurpg and I can’t find it. What is the best way to purchase the core rules as well as the adventures?

Since the system isn’t actually out yet, the PDF is currently only available from Backerkit. I’m sure this will change after the books are in stores.

You mentioned the adventures, I assume you mean “A Star Once Fallen”? That adventure uses an old edition of the rules, just to make you aware. It still runs fine, but the current Core Rules available on the website and the PDF are not the same as those in the adventure.

Thank you for clarifying. As for the adventures, I already played “A Star Once Fallen” on my own, and it was a lot of fun. What I meant is the other adventures that is displayed for the pdf package f $35. The last question I had regarding the purchase of the items through the backerkit. Once I pay for those items, the transaction will be immediate and I will receive the pdfs immediately?


Yes, you can download the pdfs immediately over at the backerkit, once you paid, but only the Core Rulebook and the “Amaurea’s Dawn” setting are finished at this point in time. The other adventures and settings are still in the works and as such not available as PDFs yet.

“A Star Once Fallen” is currently the only adventure for Open Legend I think. Anything else you’re seeing is either not actually designed for Open Legend, or was not produced by Seventh Sphere so I can’t really comment on them at all. I’m glad you had fun, have you tried any games with the current rules yet? I hope the transition wasn’t too jarring.

I only role played, I haven’t rolled the dice because of time and lack of people to play with, but I like the easy construction and ability to create my favorite characters from rpg video games such as the white mage from ff.

I encourage you to get out and roll some dice when you get the opportunity! Character creation is fun, but the first time you roll a 50+ with exploding dice OL will really have its hooks in you :smiling_imp:

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There is Amearu’s Dawn that is out Sam and purchasable through backerkit.

True. I haven’t read through it since we were proofreading but I believe it’s more setting than adventure?

I wish I could, but I have two jobs, three boys and I am working on my short stories and poems. The only free time I have is with my boys and we only play adventures once in a while. We have been playing 5e and I do wish to introduce them to it, but it might take some time. Most of the time, I play on my own reading the story, and imagining the fights my character does in the adventures. As for Amearu’s Dawn and the pdf, I have to wait purchase them. My family and I are short on cash, so when my birthday comes around then hopefully yes. Until then, I am using the free rules. Thanks again for the advice and the clarification of my questions.

I do have another question, though this is regard to actual gameplay. Is it possible for my character to create an energy weapon and perform a melee attack using the energy attribute?

Thanks again for the great information. It is nice to meet new people on this board. :smile:

Absolutely, no reason you couldn’t.

When it comes to allowing that energy attack to gain the benefits of dual wielding or two handed melee, that is going to vary from GM to GM.

There is a one-shot conversion I have posted:


Also, if someone wants to buy the one-shot The Tomb of Crossed Words (not made by me), here’s the creator approved conversion to Open Legend (Markdown file) I made.

The original creator, Winghorn Press, actually has a PDF version of the adventure based on the OL conversion I provided (I was given a beta copy), but he never actually posted it up for sale anywhere. :frowning:

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Thanks for the information. That is going to be fun.
I do have another question; For the feat of Craft Mundane Item 1, the description states “Arcane - magical ingredients, inks, scrolls, exotic components.” What would be any suggestions as effects, or bonuses for ingredients, inks, scrolls, or exotic components? I have a few ideas of strengthening certain attributes or damages, but I would like any thoughts regarding this. Thank you again for the great responses.

this has been talked about a bit in the past, I suggest looking over these threads first, and then seeing if you still have a question:

Thanks for the links. In that case for me, mundane items can invoke boons as well as banes, but I will see them as expendable while items that can perform the same task without being expendable as extraordinary. As for the items I was thinking of here are some ideas:
~Prism crystals: add +1 or 2 to overall fire dmg
~Shield Stone: Create Resistance against bladed weapons at level 3
~Fire Scroll: Create a fire energy single attack at level 3
~Teleportation Stone: Teleport single individual to boon 3

I think these are fine, but I would like your thoughts on these items. I think these are balanced mundane because they are expendable and do require time or wealth to develop. And the final question, what is the time required to craft mundane items?
Thanks again for the great feed back. This community is great.

That’s the very definition of what an Extraordinary Item is. It is what sets apart mundane for extraordinary. The things about potions or items made via mundane, they probably take longer to do/activate, vs extraordinary happening in a matter of seconds. So a potion/poison made through mundane alchemy might be able to have the same effect as a boon or bane, it takes hours or days to happen.

Now, of course, for your world, your game, your campaign, you could choose to allow this, but the build process to help you determine WL is all in extraordinary items.

For the most part in Open Legend, you don’t give flat value increases to things. You give Advantage/Disadvantage. Roughly 1 Advantage is equivalent to +2.

Also remember that there is only 1 roll in Open Legend, the attack roll also determines the damage you do, there are not separate rolls like in other systems for attack and then another for damage.

You would either have resistance vs Precise (Agility based attacks) or Forceful (Might based attacks), not “bladed”

This would 100% be an extraordinary item for sure. Actually all the things you listed would 100% be an extraordinary item.

Extraordinary items have a very specific expendable property to them. This not only help reduce the WL cost of the item, but it makes the items auto-succeed in certain cases without having to roll.

I’d recommend fully reading through Chapter 9 to see all you can do with Extraordinary Items.

There is a reason the feat for craft extraordinary items costs more than mundane.

Overall, I like the items you presented. They have good description in the name a reveal potential concepts of the world, but they are all very clearly Extraordinary items.