Organising Boon and Bane info during a game?

Hey guys, just wondering if you had any tips for organising Boon and Bane information for your sessions? I’ve only played one game of OL before so remembering all the info is difficult and my players haven’t even read the rules so we need constant reminding of the mechanics and limitations during gameplay.

In a previous one shot I had all my players choose boons and banes that they wanted their characters to use beforehand and printed screenshots from the website onto ‘spell lists’ for the players. This was fine as a one off but it was a bit sloppy and left a lot of loose papers around the table.

I’m running my first OL campaign now and this time around I made a page for each player character in a OneNote document with their spells listed out and hyperlinked to the website. This was much better in terms of reducing clutter but it meant the players had to go through me to figure out what their abilities did.

Do you guys have any advice for a better way to do this? I’d love something on my phone that just has all the boons, banes, feats etc listed out with full descriptions because then my players could also have that on their phones but my OneNote document has NPC stats and plot related details that I can’t share.

Try the Bane and Boon lists on Heromuster. I personally just have the rules PDF on my tablet, but Heromuster is what I mostly suggest for my players to use during games. If your players all have phones then they can even filter the shown banes and boons to only show what they are able to use!


This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! Thanks for sharing : )

Shame it’s not in app form but this will be fantastic for the players to have open during a game

right here is your problem. Stop worrying so much about exactness. Interpret the rolls as it makes sense for the scene/moment. If you are wrong about it later, you can adjust it going forward.

On their charactersheet, I would have them list out the boons/banes they can do. If you don’t remember exactly what they do at different power levels, don’t sweat it, like I said.

Also, there is an app posted right here in the community forums that reads off of Heromuster, but keeps it stored on your phone so even if you don’t have internet, you still have it all on your phone. It syncs with it when it is online in case of any changes.

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Technically it doesn’t sync when online. It will import the data from heromuster and save it to the phone, so if something does change after the import then you won’t have the latest information.

However, that does sounds like a good feature though. I will add it to my list. Thanks Great_Moustache :slight_smile:


And considering rules are locked for a while this wouldn’t even be necessary.

Cool thing is, once the page is loaded, it’s in your cache and you don’t need to reload the page. :slight_smile:

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