Mobile APP is Live

Hey All, I’ve made my mobile app Live! Yay :),

It’s not stylish but hopefully it’s functional. Below is a site I made with basic tutorials which I recommend since I’m still working on an in app tutorial feature.
Here is the link for the android version.
Here is the link for the IOS version.

If you have any questions I’m on HipChat.
My screen name on Discord is Kalendras


looks like when searching heromuster for characters to import it does not like a space in the name.

For example, mine is:
Great Moustache

however the app is only searching for “great” b/c of the space.

They may be on my side… spaces are automatically removed as well as some other details when creating your player id… for instance, your player id is actually greatmoustache.
So this is the API call.

All that being said, I should just take whatever is submitted, running it through the same parser to try and form the player name, and then return the best result, rather than him doing it on the app side.

I love giving you more work to do @ucffool

Another minor thing I noticed after getting a few characters in via ucffool’s comment, the HP is getting slightly cut off.

have a 34/34, and the very last part of the 2nd 34 is just barely getting cut-off.

Kudos, looking very nice!

Fixed. Now see if the app behaves better. Also, you’re now in the changelog. :wink:

Sample API call.

lolz, nice

and can confirm, now works with space in the name.

I’ll add a design task to fix that, Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Awesome Thanks for that.

Hey, first thanks for creating this. I love enjoying heromuster (mainly the lists of banes/boons and feats can create a great overview for a quick search).

however I can’t download the app :(. The appstore says it is not available in my country (I’m from the Netherlands), can you do anything about this?


I’ve added all the countries to the list now. It might take a little while to update the store so give it a go in a while.

Ok, I have the app now :smiley:
Some feedback.
-I don’t think the defence bonus of shields is incorperated into the guard stat. And therefore also not the extra guard you get from the “defense mastery feat”
-when filling in attributes, for me its quite a hassel. Often when I click on a stat and add a number it will fill in that number in a line of a different attribute. (for example I had to click on “creation” to fill in something at “presence”.
-also with attributes when I enter a number often it will go in front of the standard zero’s that are there. So instead of 3 I get a 30. Can maybe all the standard 0’s just… go away?
-and lastly, maybe the “save character” function can go to the bottom of the screen? Right now when I want to fill in something my keyboard and the numbers on the top fill almost my complete screen. If the save character button goes down, my keyboard will go over it when I’m typing, freeing up precious space to exactly see what I’m doing :slight_smile:

Postive stuff, I really like the inbuilld dice roller and the conpendium. Especially the conpendium is going to be a great tool when GM’ing

Hey Mork,

Thanks for the feedback I will definately be adding some of these tasks to my list of stuff to do.

  • The shield bonus thing is a little hard because shields that are being imported from hero muster don’t identify as shields except by name but I’m thinking of extending the Armor section to include a shield bonus field. At this stage you can use the bonus guard popup to cover it.
  • I do have a task in my list for changing all the number fields into number pickers instead of using the standard text box so that might improve that part. The bit about presence and creation being mixed is probably a bug.
  • For the save character button, I actually have a task in my list to move the save/edit button to the menu bar, hopefully that will free up some much needed space.

Again thanks for all the suggestions.

The shields have a defensive key with the armor bonus as the value.

Thank you for creating this :smile: Im astounded that there are so many talanted people in this comunity!

One or two things I’ve thought about.
First I would love a filter banes and boons by attribute specificly for the selected character.

Second the attribute substitution dosn’t seem to work. Its easy to work around but it would be nice if it got fixed :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I just checked, I should be able to add an additional property on items to be able to account for this.

A couple of people have asked for attribute substitution fix too, I still need to find a smart way to do this without hard coding too much, I like the dynamic nature of open legend and want to make sure the app is also fully customisable. As of the filtering this is also a task on my list. I have a hipchat channel open if you or anybody else is interested in following my progress and other tasks I plan to complete.

The way I do it in roll20 is to just do the passive, I don’t implement it for the rolling of dice. Just like at table you have to know to use the primary to roll.

Spending on how easy to do in the app, could have a check box to have it or not.

I see so it would be more like an option on the character rather than looking at the feat itself, that actually sounds like it might work better. I might look into it for my next sprint

Hey all,

Version 1.5.4 is live on android, IOS might take a little longer.

Tasks complete

  • Introduction feature
  • Import random PC generator from heromuster
  • import for pregen characters
    Bugs fixed
  • Compendium Lists aren’t allowing the adding of new items
  • Selected Attribute not correct when loading character action
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