Numeric Limit of Summoned Creatures

I’m creating a mini-boss (demon princess) that summons demon minions and then sits back and attacks behind them. She is level 6, so has a “7” in entropy for the summon creature boon.

In the summon creature boon it says: “You are limited to a maximum number of summoned creatures equal to your invoking attribute score.”

I’m trying to figure out how the demon princess could sustain 7 minion demons.

If she has Boon Focus III, she can sustain one creature for free. So that allows her to sustain 2 each round.

Then if she has Superior Concentration III, that would allow for an additional 3, for a total of 5 creatures.

Is there any way (within the rules without GM hand-waving) to sustain more than 5 creatures using the summon creature boon?

With Summon Creature, as with any other boon, you sustain the application and not the amount of targets.

E.g. During your turn, you want to summon 3 demons. Without any feats, you would need to roll Entropy with disadvantage 4 (because of Summon Creature’s special take on multi targetting disadvantage) and you would need to roll a minimum of 20 in order to succeed at the boon’s minimum PL.
If you do succeed, when you take a sustain action you can sustain all 3 demons as part of a single boon and the same is true if you summon 4, 5, or more demons with a single invocation.

Now, im not 100% sure how invoking more creatures would work due to the fact you that a “creature can only be affected by a single instance of the same boon” nor Summon Creature’s interaction with Boon Focus III so you’ll have to wait until i find those rules or someone else comes by.

Hope it helps!

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The way summon creature boon works is when summoning multiple creatures you treat it like a multi targeting boon, each creature you want to summon adds Disadvantage 1. Therefore if you take Mutli-targrt boon specialisation each tier reduces the disadvantage when summoning more than 1 creature. So when you sustain the summon boon, all the creatures stay.

Multi-targeting for this boon does not work as it does for other boons. You may use a single invocation to summon multiple creatures. For each additional creature summoned beyond the first, you suffer an additional disadvantage 2 on your action roll to invoke. Any effect that modifies multi-targeting penalties will work as normal in offsetting this disadvantage.”

There’s also this thread to have a read of as well

Thanks to everyone for your replies!

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