NPC Simple Build Google Sheet

Hey Folks,

I created an NPC character sheet based on the simple build in the OL rules. You can view/copy the sheet here:

NPC Simple Build Character Sheet

Choose a level and NPC type (NPC or Boss). The sheet will then fill out the suggested values for primary attributes, secondary attributes, defense, HP, and Boss Edge (if applicable).

I created the sheet based on a couple of my own NPC builds, but mostly from looking at the various builds that people published here in the forums.

Questions for folks:

  1. Did I include enough (too many) attribute, action, feat slots?
  2. Should I include a loot box?
  3. Any other notes/feedback?

ps - I wanted to make the default picture the “giant wolf thing”, but I couldn’t find a clean version of that pic. Anyone got one?


This… is… AWESOME!!!

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@Shashi … hmmm … I might know a guy who has the original, LOL!

Actually I don’t think the original has ever been seen in the wild:


@brianfeister you’re my hero. Photo has been officially updated! :smile:

So appreciative of all these community contributions. I came for the exploding dice, but the community is keeping me around :stuck_out_tongue: