Limiters- good idea?

Limiters can be achieved by using existing feats or creating the new one.
Basically you can allow buy some feats with a condition to use it, otherwise it’s turned off, i. e. you can use Bane Focus (Immobile) only if you used melee attack on opponent before.
Keep in mind that this way you nerf PCS a little.
Second way is less tricky than first. I came up with this:
Cost: 3
**Prerequisites **

  • Tier I-II: none
    **Description **
    Whether you are a vampire hunter, seeking revenge on your family’'s killers or just have power that needs special condition to trigger, you are limiting yourself in order to gain power.
    This feat manifests in 3 levels of rarity backets for condition: Casual Limiter, Rare Limiter and Unique Limiter.
    Casual Limiter level means that target is decent rarity or condition is easy to trigger. Casual Limiters gain 1 level of Advantage on attack rolls.
    Rare Limiter level manifests in rare enemy rarity or hard condition to trigger. Rare Limiters gain 2 levels of Advantage on attack rolls.
    Unique Limiter targets definited entities. There is no condition that can trigger Unique Limiter besides death or serious injuries that last for the rest of your life, including nonfunctional limbs and/or organs. Unique Limiters gain 3 level of Advantage on attack rolls.
    Tiers of this feat multiply advantage by its tier value.
    I encourage You to discuss about its cost and feature it gives :slight_smile:

I think this is a reasonable idea (the cost of a feat is based on how powerful it is and how often it will be usable) but you’re essentially coming up with a custom feat by doing this, even if it’s heavily based on an existing one. Come back to us with some more examples and we’d be happy to help work out cost/limitation balance.

I’m not a fan of the specific example you gave in this post, if I’m understanding it right. Making two rolls for a single attack is not something I’d ever recommend for OL, it’s one of the specific things the “one-roll combat” system is meant to avoid. How about just making it work for consecutive attacks on the same enemy? You make the first attack normally, and then the second attack with advantage 1. You could maybe even increase the advantage by 1 per consecutive hit up to an advantage limit of your number of tiers. The idea needs some work, but that’s my suggestion for a starting point to capture that flavour. I’m sure some other members of the community might have different ideas.


Open Legend is all about self-limitation already, but that is using the system as is without affecting the cost of things, and in return you are usually able to use Legend Points which can be used for advantage later.

I think I agree with @SamWilby in that you are looking to create an entirely different feat, the problem is your example isn’t very clear.

If you could go into more detail about what you are hoping to get or what sort of interaction you are going for.

It sounds like you are wanting to create synergy between 2 players perhaps, and a way to get advantage? But it doesn’t quite make sense as you would be rolling before you would get advantage in the first place.

If you could provide a bit more detail of what you are wanting, or expand on the example you made quite a bit.

Hello, what I mean by limitation is targeting specific foe/ object or fulfill a condition, such as hitting the same spot, attacking only on precised range, hide only in shadow, use extraordinary attribute only on metals and so on.
@SamWilby is right, this is what I aim to achieve. The problem is that I don’t know how to implement it to OL. Imagine that you have and ability, that can be used against only 10 specific people in a world, otherwise you die. And this power was enormously strong This is what I want to create.

Sounds a little like Sworn Enemy, but in that it is an attack rather than just information.

You could create a feat like Sworn Enemy, but it goes towards attacks. However, you would want to word it very carefully so they can’t pick broad group.

However, like I mentioned before, you can achieve this simply through Legend Points. In that they take the regular feat of attack specialization, but since they can’t use it for most of the attacks you can award them Legend Points, and then when that does come into play, they get to use the feat and expend Legend Points to boost the attack, or just use Legend Points when they want to. That’s what Legend Points are designed for.

So you could design a Flaw that has to do with not being as good unless X is happening, or if target is Y, and so the can invoke that Flaw to get Legend Points and rack them up, then they can spend them when they do fulfill the requirements.

I was thinking about it and I feel like answer lies in the FEATS themselves. I just need to use it properly, or not use it. Do you think it’'s good idea to use some feats with “limiters”? They are passively turned off unless specific condition triggers.

I surprised there isn’t a sworn enemy for attacks to cover smite and other damage based abilities.

It’s been mentioned before, but it’s worth recapping: sworn enemy on attacks has huge variance from campaign to campaign, so it’s impossible to accurately cost.

If your game is about you fighting a necromancer and his minions, then Preferred Enemy (Undead) becomes a cheaper Attack Specialisation. If you’re travelling the multiverse hunting down a doomsday bomb, then Preferred Enemy (Humans) is only relevant 1 in every 10 sessions. It’s an easy one to homebrew, but it’s literally not doable as a Core Rules feat for a system that’s designed to be run in such a wide variety of settings.


If talkikng about feat, then how about constant cost, but advantage value is different and depends on rarity of enemy/condition?
I think basic cost would be 2, since it’s basically restricted attack specialisation, like Multi-target Attack Specialist. It’d has 2 tiers, each multiply advantage by its tier. Each limiter can be broken by paying the cost.
(Limiter means choosen target/condition)
There will be 3 types of rarities of limiter, each giving 1 level of advantage:
Common- limiter is relatively easy to trigger; the limit break contains: damage, fatigue,
Rare-it’s hard to trigger choosen limiter;
the limit break contains losing consciousness,
Unique- limiter can only be a group no more than 10 targets;
the limit break contains death.

I’m having a lot of trouble understanding EXACTLY what your proposing with this.

I’m seeing this:

Then this:

If I understand correctly though, you want to make a feat that gives a higher advantage for more infrequent conditions.

So get X Advantage on a particular action, where X is a number defined by how rare the condition is that the action must meet to receive this Advantage.

Is that what you’re saying?

Oh I think I understand:

2 Tiers

3 Rarity Brackets for Conditions

Tier 1, with rarity 1 condition = 1 advantage

Tier 2, with rarity 3 condition = 6 advantage

Am I following your idea right?

Yes, you are. The main idea is the more restricted usage of skill the more powerful it gets. I will also replace level of feat with tier, so it’s more clearly. Thanks for replying!