Boon for Bane, Bane for Boon Feat

Incapacitated for Insubstantial, Deafened for Blindsight, Persistant Damage for Life Drain, these are example of this feat Feat that enable player invoking Boons for self- applying banes of the same level or making Bane attack and give Boon for free to a enemy. Is it a good idea?

Could write your idea out a bit more clearly? I don’t think I understand what you mean or try to accomplish here…

I think you are saying that a feat that makes it so that when you cast a Boon, you get a free Bane Invoke on someone. Is this correct? If yes, that is probably pretty powerful. And much too powerful, imo, for a single feat.

No, this Feat aim for harm and boost the same target at the same time. For example: imagine that you are stucked in a block of ice. You can’t do anything, but if ice is thick enough you can’t be physically hurt. Or sacrifice one sense to enhance anothers.

I’m not sure why you would want that in any way when you can just do the beneficial thing?

I think you need to try and explain this better maybe?

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It gives versatility, deep and that sweet fluff. First of all, you can now target yourself, applying Bane and Boon. Like Snorlax’s nap, Lissandra’s ult form LOL, painkillers that make you hallucinate. On the other hand it provides funny crowd-control mechanic, like Phantasmal ladies, entertaining enemy, but giving him Bolster. It olso works like side effect of your abilities. By the way, they can be very good limiters:

So maybe just drop it in limiter thread?

If it is just fluff/flavor than that is all it is. You don’t need a feat for that.

Not sure what versatility this gives though?

Your ability, having the same effect, both positive and negative, can be used on your allies for gaining Boons or on your enemies. But you are right, the best way is just use it as a decoration, rather than actual mechanic. Thanks!