LFG - Fantasy / Magic Setting

Hey guys!

I’ve been playing PnP for about thirteen years now and just recently stumbled over OpenLegend. Haven’t found a game on roll20 for it yet and was hoping to get into one. I made a character today as well (not sure if I did everything right on the creation) and am similarly hoping a DM is around to take my hand a bit in learning OpenLegend with the character I had made.

As for my character, she is an Elementalist which the concept of being able to manipulate fire, water, earth, air, dark and light.

My timezone is GMT+1 (Germany) but with my schedule I can squeeze in time whenever. Saturday and Sunday are bad days for me though!

I’d be honored if any GM + Players would be interested in having me along!

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Check out this post: 2 European Players LFG

Feel free to respond or DM them, because it looks like you are all in similar timezones.

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Thank you! I replied in case they are interested to take me in!

Hi! I am organizing a game, and am currently working on the maps on roll20. You can find it here: [FULL] Weekend Games Roll20. Tell me if you’re interested!