2 European Players LFG

Hi guys,

my friend and I are looking for people to play with. We are both newbies, but somewhat knowledgeable about role-playing from videos we watched (where our desire for it originated from). We’ve read up on stats and rules for Open Legend to be max prepared!

We’re cool with just about any campaign and would roll up characters appropriately.

Possible times:

Mo-Fr: 6-10 p.m. UTC-1 (Possibly sooner on Friday is needed)
Sa&Sun: Pretty much the entire day.


Alex ReeD


i could DM for you on roll20 message if interested

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i should warn you thow it will be my first time playing on roll20 sorry for that

That’s absolutely no problem!
After all, we don’t even have any experience playing the game in the first place, so it makes more sense for us to apologize for our lack of experience, not you.
We’re just happy we found a DM at all!
Say, do you have more people for the group or do you maybe want me to make a new post to get more players?

no i don’t have anybody that would join

Hello there! I posted just recently that I was hoping to join a group and a kind person guided me here. Reading through your post and the replies, would you be interested to have me along? I’ve read through the rules but I still feel very unsure with them. While I have quite some RP experience under my belt, I would likely need some assistance on the rules throughout the game!

no problem we would be glad to have you

Are you guys open for more players? I never had the chance to play a OL game with anyone since my friends are only diehard 5e and pathfinder players. And i was looking to test this sistem out. (Never got to try the intro adventure that i got from OL ).

i’m fine with it but i need to cheek with @Xasther

Sure thing, im also in Europe so time is not a problem, and im fammiliar with roll20.

your in

There was a misunderstanding between the us with the timezone and I apologize to everyone who wanted to play here. As such, this post can be closed. I will be making a new post in hopes of finding a group to play with.

I recommend using this website for coordinating times:

it uses your computers local time to give an accurate countdown until a session.