Just want to see if this idea has legs

So, hivemind need your opinion on this concept before I deep dive into this rabbit hole. I want to build a mini campaign that shows off the versatility of OL. there will be 5 pregens and 3 settings. The pregens will be used in all 3 settings and the only things that will change are their equipment, favoured actions and race. They start at level 1 in a fantasy setting(dnd ish) do 1RP and 1 combat, then ‘flash forward’ to level 3 in a Cyberpunk setting (interface zero ish) then “wake up” being plugged into a machine at level 5 in a post apocalyptic setting (gamma world ish). Am I too crazy to try this?


That’s a neat idea but it’s a lot of complexity to put in front of your players, so you’ll need to do your best to make it easy for them. I’d suggest cheat-sheets and separate lists of abilities for each different level of their character at a minimum.

I’m just going to take it one step at a time. It’s almost going to be 3 seperate modules with a section on how to link them together

Is magic going to be available in all three?

Fantasy setting, hell yeah
Cyberpunk, psionics (so sort of magic)
Post apocalyptic (not sure)

I’m in!
I’ll lend you my assistance, @targ8practice!

Sweet, once I get the basic outline done I’ll go from there with help

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I’ll set up a Google drive folder like what Brian did for Amureas Dawn and grant people access to comment on files

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I love this idea for an introduction mini-campaign. Please report on how it works out, I’d love to run something similar at some point.

I’m tempted to start a blog about my progress doing it, I think it may help me stay motivated. It’s gonna be more than I’m expecting I know that

Sounds good! A blog would be a great way to feature the content :slight_smile:

I really should update the blog, it’s been a while… joys of RL, but also This is gonna sound like a weird request but anyone got any ideas for character concept (s) that would be iconic to OL? Such that you couldn’t do it in say DnD etc. They’re for my beginner box projext, I’ve got some already but they feel kinda generic. They’re for the Fantasy,Cyberpunk and Post apocalyptic settings

I’ve got Defend, Attribute Sub, companion mechanics covered so far. I’m thinking alternate form/Shapeshifting for another and boon focus and finally battle trance

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@Brycelor has created some really unique characters that are in the HeroMuster PreGens. Just two examples: The Shipmother and Azizil.

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I"m guessing you are just wanting level 1 builds?

I do have a unique summon + shapeshift concept, where in the person summons, and then shapeshifts the summons into other creatures.

I also have the Word Smith that shows off OL pertty well I think:

If you want me to share the heromuster sheets for the Summoner>Shapeshifter let me know.