Introducing Joseph, the Mango Eater(WiP)

This build is adapted to my Hunter x Hunter setting.

If you want to import him to other setting just remove Battle Trance, 3 points in Will and invest anly 4 points in Alteration. The remaining part is core.
Joseph grew in very poor region. People starved there. Bandits have used this fact to terrorise his village. They sold food for people, basically enslaving all the village.
Some day, his parents prepared escape route for him and his young brother, Alan. In the middle of the escape bandits noticed, that someone is missing and started their hunt. Alan sacrificed himself in order to let Joseph escape.
He got adopted by John, old adventurer. When Joseph grew up he have found out about hunters and hunter exam. He swear to pass the exam, free the village and revenge his brother.
Core mechanic:
Joseph is versetile fighter that uses style most suiting situation.
But mangos. MANGOS. They are truly his bread and butter. Maximum two of mangos can be produced each day. Each mango is basically extraordinary, consumable item that invoke and sustain single boon for 1 hour, making each combat and task easy or hard, depends on what type of mangos you have.
Example build:
-1st lvl

-10 lvl

This build is focused more on versatility. You can boost your mango creation by putting 9 points in creation, then take 2 levels in Boon Focus (Genesis), Joseph would make 1 mango in 1 hour. Also mangos would be more powerful.
Example type of mango:

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