High level, short adventure (Sword & Sorcery) [5/5] Full

Hi Everyone,

Looking for about 5 semi to highly experienced players in TTRPGs that would like to try out an old AD&D campaign fully converted to Open Legend RPG rules. The original dungeon is quite tedious and difficult, which I think would frustrate newer players to TTRPGs. The purpose of this campaign for me is to explore higher level of play in OL from a design/DM perspective, and of course to have a bit of fun.

Anyway, here is some information about the game:

  • It will be short 1-6 sessions depending on the players
  • my schedule is slightly hectic so I can only give a week’s notice before scheduling the next session
  • It will be using 7th level characters
  • The setting is Greyhawk, ie. sword & sorcery
  • I would like to use Roll20.net/Discord for running the game
  • It’s essentially a dungeon crawl, with more problem/puzzle solving than combat
  • You are free to make your own character, but I have premade characters ready for the adventure (more than 5 to choose from)
  • Time would be around 7-11pm PST each week (most likely the weekend) First will be May 14 7pm PST (tentatively)

Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll get a party together! :slight_smile:

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i would be interested in joining. I’m rather new to open legends tho but im already in the process of making a character for another game.

I’m interested, but probably won’t be able to participate (4 kids=inflexible schedule). Nonetheless, I think people would benefit if you gave some idea of what day of the week/time of day (and what time zone that is)/session length they can expect. Doesn’t have to be exact, but enough to know whether it’s at all possible.

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Thanks forgot to mention times! updated :slight_smile:

As long as you understand that it’s quite a difficult dungeon crawl… usually not what you would encounter in a normal campaign

yeah that’s fine and the time works perfectly for me. intense dungeons arent really that big of a deal i’ve fought alot of stuff in other table top games.

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I have only DM’d Open Legend so far, but I can say semi-experienced in TTRPGs overall. I could commit 1-6 sessions and the weekends usually work well for me (EST). Count me in.

I would love to check out your pre-mades. A puzzle laden dungeon crawl sounds rough…me gusta.

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Great! Well they’re all made on the Roll20 but I’ll put a few up on here, short form. Most were made pretty quick with a 8, 6, 6, 3, 3, 2, 1 array (except for bard, below).

Bard: Agi 3 Fort 2 Might 2, Learning 3 Logic 2 Perception 3 Will 3 Deception 3 Persuasion 4 Presence 6, all extraordinary 2; Feats: Well Rounded, Knowledge I (Magic, Engineering, Geography, Dungeoneering, History), Inspiring Champion II, Boon Focus II (Aura), Hospitaler // Hp 32 // Guard 17 Toughness 15 Resolve 19

Fighter: Agi 6 Fort 6 Might 8 Learning 1 Perception 2 Will 3 Presence 3; Feats: Natural Defense III, Resilient, Sentinel III, Tough as Nails II, Skill Specialization (Might) // Hp 44 // Guard 30 Toughness 22 Resolve 16

Thief: Agi 8 Fort 2 Learning 3 Logic 6 Perception 6 Will 3 Deception 1; Feats: Skill specialization (Agility), Fast Draw, Lightning Reflexes III, Knowledge II (Engineering), Breakfall II, Evasive Footwork, Great Leap II, Fleet of foot I// Hp 20 // Guard 20 Toughness 15 Resolve 13

Wizard: Learning 6 Logic 3 Perception 1 Will 3 Energy 8 Prescience 2 Protection 6; Feats: Extraordinary focus (Energy, Prescience, Protection / Spellbook), Superior Concentration II, Extraordinary Defense I, Multi-target Attack Specialist I (Area)// Hp 16 // Guard 12 Toughness 14 Resolve 14

Paladin: Agility 2 Fortitude 6 Might 6 Will 3 Persuasion 1 Presence 8 Creation 3; Feats: Attribute Substitution (Presence -> Protection), Boon Focus II (Heal), Hospitaler, Indomitable Resolve III, Inspiring Champion III, Sentinal I // Hp 44 // Guard 21 Toughness 19 Resolve 24

Ranger: Agility 8 Fortitude 6 Might 3 Logic 1 Perception 6 Will 2 Alteration 3; Feats: Sworn Enemy III (Magical Beasts, Undead), Untrackable, Vicious Strike, Armor Mastery I, Knowledge I (Nautre), Combat Follow-through, Combat Momentum, Fleet of Foot II, Fast Tracker, Master Tracker, Lightning Reflexes // Hp 26 // Guard 24 Toughness 18 Resolve 12

Cleric: Fortitude 3 Might 2 Will 6 Presence 3 Creation 8 Prescience 1 Protection 6; Feats: Boon Focus I (Heal, Restoration, Resistance), Extraordinary Focus (Creation, Protection / Holy Symbol), Extraordinary Healing, Heightened Invocation II // Hp 34 // Guard 15 Toughness 19 Resolve 19

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Hey cryo would this be weekly or bi-weekly also do u have a date when this game will be starting?

Tentatively shooting for 7pm May 14th (Sunday) PST

I can do that time on that date (4pm EST). Working on a character at the moment (fighter-esque spear user). When you get the Roll20 game set up, should we switch to that forum?

EDIT: can’t count, its 10pm EST. How long do you plan to run each session? 3 Hours I can do, but 4 or more and I’ll either need to abstain (sad face, work on monday, sad face) or ask for the time to be pushed up at least an hour.

…yay for trying organizing adults