Extraordinary Item Builder now on HeroMuster

See the changelog for future updates, but feel free to play now. 100% printable (all the builder stuff disappears).




This is awesome! Good mobile support, too.

Added the Persistent property (oops for missing it) and some other minor tweaks.

Always. :slight_smile:


This. Is. Amazing!
It simplifies and demystifies the process of creating an extraordinary item. Helpful to GMs and (hopeful) players alike! Great work!

You can now save and share your extraordinary items.

Inspired by @Vrenshrrg’s item, I decided the first saved item would be a bag of holding.


This is fantastic, I gave my players the chance to create their own extraordinary items in our last session - this would have been a lifesaver, definitely going to be using it from now on.

If I could make a suggestion though - when one of the properties at the bottom is selected, I’d still like to be able to read the description. This is just in case a player makes an item and sends it to me but I’ve forgotten what a particular property does or the specifics of how it works.

I know it can be deselected and reselected but it’s just a quality of life thing : )

I feel ya… there is a display bug problem that occurs (stacked up tooltips) that I have yet to resolve when I don’t suppress the tooltip on selection. If I figure it out, they will be back.

Edit: @Obsidiax
Figured it out (had to blur() and remove active class). Fixed live :slight_smile:

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Ah I thought it was an intentional design choice - in that case I hope you figure it out but it’s a very minor thing so it doesn’t effect the overall experience (or usefulness) of the tool : )

EDIT: @ucffool

Damn man, that was a quick fix, awesome work!

Exellent addition as always :D, however I think there is a problem with the wealth calculation when considering Cursed items. Should’t cursed items lower the WL score of the item since it’s a negative effect on the bearer?

You might want to check Chapter 9 first.

The answer is no, it increases the wealth. The reason being you create cursed items on purpose to harm others.

If you are wanting to make an item and add a negative effect to decrease the WL, that is what the Special section can be used for.

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Alright, thanks for the reply, I just thought that it would be easier to have the preexisting banes as a template-curse when you wanted a cursed item for a PC


So this is an example of the Cursed property being used. For you to craft something like this, it wouldn’t make sense for it to be a less in cost.

And then you can look at this item that someone made and see how a cursed item can be a very powerful tool to have:

There wouldn’t be an easy calculation to auto assign a subtracting of WL for an item b/c of the many variables that there are for a negative effect. That’s why the Special property goes through the questions it does in Chapter 9 to help you refine and figure out the cost of that Special Feature.

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You can now use a limited amount of Markdown for special/description areas (styling like line breaks,bold and italics).
Best shown with an example:


Are you using a particular js library for that or are you doing it manually? I want to see if I can replicate it in the app.

answered in DM. slimdown on github.

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I can’t seem to find a way to add these properties to an item: defensive, delayed ready, one-handed/two-handed/versatile melee, heavy, reach, slow, stationary, swift. Should they just go in the description since they don’t seem to affect wealth level?

One more thing - it doesn’t seem to take into account the base wealth level of the item when calculating the wealth level. So if I make a base naginata, the WL is listed as 0, even though a naginata has a base WL of 2 (in the actual drop down list). The same is true for armor. Is this intentional?

This is about the Extraordinary Item Builder.

You will find that building/pricing Mundane Items works differently from Extraordinary Items.

If an Extraordinary Item is also a Mundane Weapon, such as an enchanted sword could be, the Weapon merely needs to be obtained first. Due to the exponential nature of Wealth Levels in Open Legend this is not the same as adding the WL together.

Btw, Mundane Weapon crafting is covered in Chapter 6: Wealth and Equipment while Extraordinary Item crafting is covered in Chapter 9: Special Equipment.

The aforementioned abilities, like swift and reach, etc, are all weapon proprieties and as the extraordinary item builder doesn’t contain a section for weaponbuilding yet (they are also in different chapters in the book and the website), so it doesn’t include any of these yet.

For your second question: Yes this is intentional, as you have to purchase armours and weapons separately from extraordinary abilities.

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Thanks for your and Vrenshrrg’s quick responses. All makes sense. I guess I was looking for a one-stop-shop of all item creation, mundane or extraordinary. :wink: