Vrenshrrg's Extraordinary Items

I did actually do it. But remember, this item gives advantage on one attribute all the time, for any roll with that attribute.
It’s equivalent to having Skill Specialization, a better Attack Specialization and possibly some other feats (like Lightning Reflexes) rolled into one.

That’s why I decided to raise the WL by one again as per step 4 in the creation process.

EDIT: Thought about it a little more, it’s not all the time, it can be nullified for a while and the item can be lost/stolen. In my opinion it’s power is still significant enough for the increase in WL though.

Bolster 3 = +1 WL
Persistent = + 3 WL
That is WL 4 (which is what you have listed).

Persistent = An item with this property automatically invokes and sustains a single instance of the indicated boon without requiring the wielder to make an invocation roll or use the sustain a boon action.

That is giving it all the time already. So you actually haven’t raised the WL at all on this item, but kept it per the WL rules.

You have restricted it to only be good for 1 attribute, instead of the wearer being able to choose any to switch between.

Here are some more!

Mantle of Immortality (Pathfinder/DnD)

This garment allows it’s wearer to retain their age and even revert to a previous one if so desired.
Special: The wearer doesn’t age, can age towards a desired age at a normal rate (forwards or backwards) and can’t die of old age.

WL calculation
  • +? - Special (This one is extremely difficult to price, as it’s effects are enormous but mechanically it doesn’t add anything (except if you play with an aging houserule). Also it’s basically a Perk. So in my opinion it should be cheap but the secret of creating it should be an entire adventure in itself.)

Mantle of True Immortality (Original)

This powerful garment can defy death itself. Be ready for the consequences.
Special: This works like a normal Mantle of Immortality, except if the wearer is killed while wearing it, the mantle attempts to resurrect them 48 hours later. It can only do so if it is intact and in conditions the previous wearer can survive. If it fails but is not destroyed, it tries again at 48 hour intervals for a year. On a successful resurrection the previous wearer comes into life with 4 levels of the Fatigued Bane, wearing the Mantle.
(This power is huge and GMs should think carefully before allowing it in the game! Because this item allows to defy death, you can bet some powerful entities won’t be too pleased with the wearer, depending on your world. Sorry for the wall of text, resurrection is complicated.)

WL calculation
  • :face_with_raised_eyebrow: --(Who are you and what are you doing in my Summary? I live here!)

Blinkback Weapon (Pathfinder/DnD)

This item has the ability to return to it’s thrower’s hand immediatly. Don’t let anyone catch it!
Weapon (any thrown weapon), Teleport 7, Reliable, Special: Returning: This item can only invoke the Teleport Boon onto itself and does so automatically if thrown, teleporting to the thrower’s hand after each attack. If the target defends and successfully negates all damage, it can catch the weapon and become it’s new wielder.
(Feel free to add other properties to make this more interesting, think of it like a template.)

WL calculation
  • +0 - Weapon (any thrown weapon) (must be acquired or crafted first)
  • +3 - Teleport 7
  • +2 - Reliable
  • -1 - Special

Hope you like them!


I’d say 3 because it can be pretty powerful during infiltrations and such things. It’s easier to decieve someone with it into thinking you’re someone else. Apart from that I don’t think there much use for it in combat.

You can set it too pretty anything. Note though for this situation that the original “Special” section says

With that i meant once a desired age is set, the wearer ages either forwards or backwards at a normal speed, so if you want to appear 10 years younger, it takes 10 years to reach that appearance.

But the specifics of that are of course up to the GM.

Ah, I see. Okay. I DID misunderstand you there.

I also thought that you could change your age at will.

You should specify that in the description.

BTW the items sound awesome.

One of the lesser known Pathfinder Items (simplified a bit):

Cape of Bravado (Pathfinder)

This bright red garment only works while having it draped over one arm.
Provoked 5

WL calculation
  • +2 - Provoked 5

Really simple, mostly for style.

Fixed WL.

The uses for this are nearly endless:

Immovable Rod (Pathfinder/DnD)

Once activated, this Rod stays affixed at it’s place, defying gravity.
Special: As a move action, this Item can be activated to stay in place, resisting most efforts to move it. With sufficient Force (A CR 25 Might check) and something to push on, it can be moved up to 10 ft as a Focus Action. Only the activator can deactivate it (with another move action).

WL calculation
  • +3 - Special (The wealth level is loosely calculated based on the impassable Barrier. While very specific, this item can be used very creatively, which balances out.)

A classic.


A spell in Pathfinder/DnD. Here it’s an item.

Symbol of Death (Pathfinder/DnD)

This symbol is openly displayed, leading one to wonder what it could mean.
Death 9, Expendable, Autonomous: This Symbol activates on anyone trying to trespass a set area, attempting to actively decipher it or trying to disable it, except when they know a set password., Special: This symbol must be openly displayed in order to work. It must always mean “Death” in some language, though the language can be a secret or dead one.
(This is an excellent trap and can serve as basis for other types of Symbols.)

WL calculation
  • +5 - Death 9
  • -1 - Expendable
  • +2 - Autonomous
  • -1 - Special

Be careful with that Tongues Boon! (PL 6 would trigger the Symbol when used for that purpose.)

should just be +2 for Provoked PL 5

Crystal of Control (Original)

An onyx crystal shimmering with innate magic.
Cursed (Dominated 9), Special: The poor soul burdened with this Item is under the permanent Control of the crafter.

WL calculation
  • +5 - Cursed (Dominated 9)
  • +0 - Special

Some particularly crafty Necromancers and Tinkerers use this in conjunction with the Animation Boon to create permanent groups/armies of undead, golems and similar creatures.
In these cases they sometimes embed these into their minions and use Dominated 5 instead for mass production, reducing cost and crafting time.

If players want to use this tactic, the GM may rule that they suffer one level of the Fatigued Bane for every X Minions they have under their control this way to help with balance, possibly reducing the WL by 1.

Fixed the WL calculation. There’s no change in the final WL though.

So, I think this item might should be done a little differently. It sounds like it is auto doing dominated and modifying the length of time the creature is dominated to permanent as well as auto-failing on the resist rolls?

That is precisely what Cursed does. The only way to get rid of the Bane is to get rid of the Item, which they can’t normally do by themselves unless targeted by a Restoration Boon of a high enough PL.

Unless I’ve understood Cursed wrong.

ah, see, in your WL breakdown you list just dominated, not cursed

but then the problem is… WHO dominated them with a cursed item still

this would probably be a GM thing, but would also cause me to probably want to increase the WL of the item.

The Special section is merely explaining how the Curse works, not adding anything.
But sure, a GM could increase the WL or add additional clauses like “The item needs to be exposed and easily visible.”, that’s reasonable.

well, what I’m saying is, the way Dominated bane actually works, Cursed doesn’t really work with it well default.

There is no person that is inflicting the dominated, and thus no one to give the “thing” a command or commands to follow.

It’s kind of like Aura, not all boons/banes make sense to work with it.

BTW, I do LOVE the idea and concept of this, and think it is great, just trying to consider it from a balance and rules perspective.

That’s the main reason I suggested a WL increase to the item.

to note, most animated creatures I believe or considered “lower intelligence” so you could only need the lower PL of dominated bane anyways (of course that depends on the GM).

Creatures created using this boon are typically limited to those of subhuman intelligence, such as zombies, combat droids, and golems.

Added some links to the fancy new Extraordinary Item Builder on Heromuster made by @ucffool (in case you want to print them or something):

Sadly it seems like the example picture broke. (I know it’s not supposed to show the Item, but there was an example picture, wasn’t there?.)

Yup looks like an issue with the community site (the broken image icon above is for a community cached jpg which is corrupt)