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Hi everyone,

Hi everyone, I just found about OL last week and we are going to try the A Star Once Fallen scenario next week. so since then, I build a quick excel sheet for character and would like to have you guys opinion on it and on what need update (mainly rules related so i can finish upgrading them). My group is made of 5 player and we have tried almost every system in the last 5 years (just finish EoTE in december).

Here is my excel sheet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jRXzlwHtvBe6QsX--jjMJC1mzu1-TbV7.

On the sheet, PC #8 is actualy one of the hero for the incoming game, an pathfinder alchemist level 6 my player wanted to play with once more (not sure if we build it well).

BTW, not sure if this is in the right discussion spot, if not just move it.

We are very excited to try OL…

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starting at level 3 should be ok I suppose, usually you start at level 1 for Star Once Fallen. Star Once Fallen is also a learn by play module, so if you use the rules inside of that module they aren’t the full rules, but I think you are using some… special rules anyways based on the sheet. It’s a little confusing at first.

Have you seen the heromuster sheet as well. I see this is perhaps nice b/c it as multiple PCs on it, but have you done a lot of homebrew stuff for this? Usually, when first trying a system, it’s recommended to play with it as is so you can see how everything works, then start to homebrew or modify a few things.

Depending on how you are using Star Once Fallen, you might check out this thread: Question: Is there an updated "a Star once fallen" to the newest rule set?

HOWEVER, if you are just using it for the story, and running the rules straight from the website (the full Core Rules), then you don’t need to worry about that post above.

the only reason i put the alchemist lvl 3 was o give him is old powers back. the players as played it for many month to get it almost to level 7 in pathfinder.

On my sheet, the only home brew is about the weapon and armor (making it generic). I saw a few post talking about it, being the only part of the OL game that is specific. So talking with my player and taking into account the custom weapon section, we came up with this test.

the main reason being my other players have mention building hero from different era since none of them could decide of a common idea. i will update the other PC #1-? once my player create their hero. i know one of them was looking to be a space pirate like captain Harlock.

so what i did is took all the info from the web site and made them into table that are called depending of what feats you take or what bane/boon you have access. My players told me they didn’t feel like reading all of it except for the feats (too much for a test).
Also, this way they don’t have to wonder which boon they can use. it will tell them which one, at which power level (PL) and with which attribute.

I also start incorporating formula to implement rules due to feats. but that is a long process and will need to be validated in case i misunderstood a rule.

The nice thing about the Heromuster sheet is it does all that for you. Once you have the attributes entered in, you can click to see “available boons/banes/feats”.

The weapons are customization, it just seems you added a few things to the weapons were strange, but I read it last night after being quite tired from driving 11+ hours, and being slightly under the weather.

Looking at it now, it looks like you just renamed a few things (serrated instead of Deadly), and maybe made a few feats be weapon properties (such as being able to sleep in armor). To me it looks really complicated to read through, but I’m sure that once you are more used to it, it isn’t as bad.

yeah I will need to fit the name with what already existed. we just finish playing 1 year of EotE so many names come from there since we are use to them. like i didn’t know that a feat existed to sleep in armor. saw it the other day after reformatting them for the sheet.

the reason i use it this way is because we are deployed in Iraq and don’t really get access to internet often. so player need to have everything they need at hand.
will see after a few playtest if it make more sense to just use the weapon provided online or not. or just fine tune this generic concept to match what OL and us are looking for.

Oh, it’s perfectly fine to make your own weapons, that’s the whole point, but things like Deadly are reserved for Extraordinary Items, rather than normal weapons.

For example, putting 1 Deadly on an item costs Wealth Level 3.

Things that are Extraordinary Items are kept under GM approval b/c they can impact the game quite a bit in a number of ways, etc.

The important thing is finding something that works for the players, and if that sheet works, than great.