Question: Is there an updated "a Star once fallen" to the newest rule set?

Are there any plans on updating the introductory module “A Star Once Fallen” with the newest version of the rules? (guard & evasion) or updated boons/banes?

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The only big thing in Star Once Fallen would be the reference to Evasion instead of Guard.

The boons, banes, and feats are limit or slightly modified for the Star Once Fallen module b/c it is a learn to play. It is not the full feature set to not overload and ease someone into the system.

The only minor things that might need to be changed for Star Once Fallen are:

Evasion changed to Guard

Battlefield Sentinel to Battlefield Opportunist
(this is probably a special just for the module) Tactical Inspiration

Blinded updated to match the new version
Dispel name changed to Nullify
Intimidated changed to Provoked
Scrying changed to Spying
Stunned remove Advantage 1

Augury name changed to Reading
Levitation changed to Flight
Resistance slight wording modification (though fine as is)
Shapeshift update tiers
Possibly the following, but they are probably that way b/c of Learn to Play

Other than that it looks pretty good. I’d have to look at all the creature stat blocks to make sure they are good as well.


@Great_Moustache: thanks for the notes. I’ll be running A Star Once Fallen as soon as we can get time to do it.

@Steve: i assume you’re planning on running it. When you do, could you share your experiences? I’m curious on how it plays. Of course, since I’m planning on running my own, I’ll probably take (and share) notes, too.

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So far my group is enjoying the module. I have allowed any thing and have just helped everyone make characters by telling them to tell me about their character and then building them with their input.


Didn’t names of some of the attributes change? I was building characters for it with my group and noticed that extraordinary attribute names were different and there’s even an extra one in Star Once Fallen

you must have an old copy of it then? The newest version (which was updated about a year ago I think), has that stuff correct.

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That looks like the case, thank you. That’s a big save. I love this learn to play model.