Custom DM Screen Sheets

Hey all!

I’ve got a one-shot coming up where I was planning to GM this system for the first time. I love having a screen for secrecy and mainly reference to tables and such.

Seeing as OL’s rules had a plethora of useful tables, I felt like I should make my own GM screen inserts to call to those I thought would make most sense to myself.

I’m not likely to edit this unless I personally want to change something down the line, but I wanted to share here in case any of you fine folks could make use of it!

Link to the sheets


Would it be possible to post a portrait version? Or maybe post a version that I could edit into portrait?

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I don’t have a portrait version mocked up, but I suppose I could work on it at some point!

For now if you’d like, I could PM you the Word doc I used to create it a while back so you can try to fiddle with the tables. I deeply regret making it in Word as the entire process formatting-wise was a bit of a nightmare (tables can’t be dragged around as freely as pictures and such), so you’d have to be wary of that and prepared for a possible headache.

Otherwise I may try to make a portrait version at a later time, I’m just not sure when that would be since I’ve gotten preoccupied with other projects since I’ve finished this one.

If you could PM it to me that would be nice. I GM my game tomorrow so if you could send it over I could try converting it tonight so that I have it for tomorrow. I’ve found that portrait is very rare for GM screens apparently…

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Great dm sheets. +1 for the portrait version

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I’ll add that in my screen I have 1 panel dedicated to Banes. There is a one-sheet (Google Sheet I think) someone made that listed all the banes, their save requirements, their power levels, and attributes related. I use it all the time to quickly check if some bane is resist or resist (minor) or special. Also handy for determining which banes are available to use with Success with a Twist rather than a miss on a damaging attack.

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That sounds super useful! Would you happen to know where to find it again so I could take a look at it?

At the moment I’m just planning on using these weird half-page card references I made of each bane/boon, and just holding onto a deck of them depending on the characters that are playing at my table and their abilities. If I had an easier GM reference for banes/boons that would be amazing!

A quick search on these forums came up with this:

I don’t know if all the info is up-to-date still, but you could go through and double check. Not sure if these are the ones @ucffool was mentioning though.

No, it was this (I don’t remember where I got it on what forum or format)

Actually, that’s not it either. hold on, let me scan the print out I have.

Here Boons and Banes one-sheet.pdf (2.1 MB)


Awesome, thank you so much! I tried searching the forums but all I ever found were sheets that were player reference more than anything

I finally got around to converting the GM Screen to portrait format, it may be a bit off but I tried.

Link to portrait sheets

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I think they look great!