Boons and Banes by Ability

OL Boon Bane.pdf (34.8 KB)

Sorry if this has already been made. Just a handy chart I put together to see banes and boons by ability. Makes it a little easier to see what your character has access to. Hope it helps! Let me know if you have any recommendations or critiques. I made it in excel but can’t post those files.


Nice little put together sheets.

One thing, for the Banes & Boons that are put together, page 3, it doesn’t seem to be alphabetically.

I’d suggest 1 of 2 things:

  1. Have Banes first, then Boons Follow

  2. Organize Alphabetically and make the title “Banes & Boons” be where the Banes title matches the color of banes, and same for boons.

this would help to more quickly identify which ones are banes and boons in the combined list.

Thanks for the feedback!

They are actually arranged by lowest available power level to see that you can cast anything above, boon or bane.

I will try out some things to make them more readily visible. The red font is banes and the blue are boons but I can make that more clear.

this is what I was suggesting with the title, making the word “Banes” be in red to match the banes, and make the “Boons” be in the blue.

didn’t realize this, but a good way to organize it :thumbsup:

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OL Bane Boon.pdf (37.4 KB)

Updated with a small instruction section and some other small tweaks. Thanks for the help!


This is great! Sent it to my players. Many thx :smiley:

Great seeing you on here buddy!

And great to see a helpful reference like this @JakeHuff :thumbsup: :100: