[Closed, 2/2] Looking for two more players for sci-fi campaign

Hello everyone, I am Magicheddar and I’m the GM for an open legend game that is running. The game is a sci-fi game that takes place in the far future. I’m looking for two more players to fill out a six man group.

You would be a member of the Starship Amber a Military Light Assault Carrier of Her Majesty’s Galactic Empire. Depending on when you join you might be a refugee of a pirate attack or a member of the crew we can discuss the finer details at a later time.

There are a number of races that I have prebuilt with their own backstories but you can of course create your own.

There is an anomaly in the world that you should be aware of as a player looking to join. The game starts with no magic but there are parts of the world where electro-magnetism fails to work and magic begins to work. This isn’t something that will affect how you build your character unless you want it to. If you have a high creation then you can always use that skill whether by using nano-bots where magic fails or your connection to the divine where technology fails and unless you roll insanely well, these are the laws of physics in the universe.

The game takes place every other Saturday at 8pm EST (12am GMT) and lasts 4-6 hours. The next game would be the 13th of May (if I can math at all without looking at the calandar).

This game is already in progress and there are four people in it as of right now but we’ve only had a couple of sessions. I’ll sit with you new players to work out your backstory though and if you want I can even host a smaller session with only the new players to get you all into the campaign and set up your stories and general feel of the game.

If you’re looking to join or you have questions feel free to message me here or preferably through discord.

I look forward to playing with you!

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@Darth_Reaver maybe you?

Closing in that case. We can re-open if you need more players later.

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reopened for more players

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This definitely sounds like a game i would be interested in joining.

Fair Warning: I have never played Open Legend before, so this would be my 1st game. If that is ok with the group then you can count me in.

Cool I’ll pm you the details :smiley:

is it cool if i could join. im rather new to open legend but i have a character idea i would like to try

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If you still have an spot left, i might be able to join you depending if my time zone isnt too disdruptive (i have just returned from a trip outside the country, i need to readjust and calculate everything again).
I also would like to talk with you a bit more about the setting if possible, my name on Discord is the same as here :slight_smile: