LFG New to Open Legend

Been Dying to play Open Legend, just looking for a group to play with. I’m willing to jump into an on-going game if thats ok as well.
Times im available are evenings Pacific Time. Usually around 6pm till 2am.

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just a suggestion to help you in finding a group:

  • List what Days & Times you are available to play
  • Maybe list your time zone (this one is covered mostly by the above anyways)
  • List what mediums you are willing to use or not use (such as voice and/or video, Roll20, discord, or other things)

If another admin hasn’t, I’ll probably add that to the LFG description to include or make a “Read me before you post” type of thing.

Also, do check out our discord as well. As this community site grows this section should get busier.

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I’ve created a new Discord channel for posting LFG listings like this, called #lfg_listings. Only admins can post in this Discord channel, so post details on the Community site here and then ask a moderator to post a link to your listing in #lfg_listings.