Boons & Banes cheat sheet

Anyone know if there’s a cheat sheet for boons and banes that’s printable? Wouldn’t mind having a physical copy on my table

Nothing current. Have a couple of files that were made last year. Most recent thing I have is someone made these printable Bane/Boon cards…looks like Feb 2017 or so is the most recent edition I have.Banes_and_Boons_Cards.pdf (1.5 MB)

Some modification might be needed.

And to accompany that, you can use the recently posted Banes and Boons by Abilities chart:

so I know Im necroing an old thread but any chance there is an updated version of the bane/boon cards. I am thinking I am going to cut these out and glue them to playing cards to help my players.

AFAIK, there hasn’t been an update to these cards. There are official ones coming from the Kickstarter/Backerkit at some point.