Bane+Boon at same time?

I want to create a character that essentially has the baneful transposition spell from 3.5. For those unfamiliar here is the text
“Two target creatures, of which you may be one, instantly swap positions.
The creatures must be connected by a solid object, such as the ground, a bridge, or a rope.
Both targets must be within range.
Objects carried by the subject creatures (up to the creatures’
maximum loads) go with them, but other creatures do not, even if they are carried.
The movement is instantaneous and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
If either creature succeeds on its Will save, the spell is negated.”

I’m looking through the rules and theory building but I can’t see how this is possible currently. Help or thoughts appreciated.

Default Way

Teleport as Move Action
Forced Move as Major Action

Sure-fire Way

Boon Focus 1 (Teleport)
Forced Move Bane

More versatility

Boon Focus 2 (Teleport) [Teleport as a Minor action and Move action]
Forced Move Bane

Crazy Way

Boon Focus 2 (Teleport)
Haste Sustained
Forced Move Bane Multiple times

Crazy Way 2

Boon Focus 2 (Teleport)
Multi-Attack Specialist
Forced Move Bane attacked multiple times.

Then for all those above, it is all in the flavor/fluff of how you describe it.

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I thought of that but by the rules they are two separate actions, which means every time you do it they get an opportunity attack for you “leaving the threatened area”.
Now you might think well just change the order, but teleportation specifically says you can’t teleport to an occupied space, so forced move would have to be done first.

also is there any way to boost the distance of forced move? 20ft teleportation is hardly worth the 8 point attribute requirement. well for this example… I think hitting someone with a club and moving them 20ft is impressive but as a teleport it’s kinda sad. And using the spell as an example the 3rd level wizard was doing 40 ft when he got the spell and you’ll be 7th level before you can get half that distance in OL.

Most GMs do not treat Teleportation as triggering AoO that I’ve talked to, but it depends heavily on:

  • The players description of how their teleportation works
    • Some players treat it as just fast movement and you not leaving your space and appearing in another
  • The setting and how certain magic or technology works in it
    • For some, the teleportation is instant, and a person can’t react fast enough
    • For others, the focus of making the teleportation happen is enough time for an enemy to react.

Also, you’d only have to worry about it being an AoO if a melee wielding enemy is next to you when you teleport from your starting location.

If you are able to teleport to a space, you are also able to use the same attribute to do the forced move. So yes, you can easily forced move them first and then move yourself to the spot they were in, but flavor/fluff is they happen at the same time.

With some of those combinations, you can move them as much as you teleport for sure, just depends on how much you want to invest in it.

The problem is you are attempting to pull something from another system and implant it exactly as it is into OL. Instead, you should be looking at the feel of the effect, and simulate that.

In DnD, you can only do that spell so many times (specifically for 3.5 I believe only as many times as you chose to prepare it?). whereas with OL, you could do it every turn if you wanted.

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If I was your GM, and it fit the setting, I’d probably consider letting you do that as a Focus Action so long as your roll beats both the CR of the boon and the target’s Guard. I’d limit the distance to the range you’d typically have with a Non-Physical Attack.

From combat under attack of oppretunety;

Only voluntary movement made on the moving character’s turn trigger opportunity attacks. Movement caused by a foe’s forced move bane or an ally’s telekinesis boon, for example, does not trigger opportunity attacks.

There’s also this homebrew feat you could take a look at if you’re interested:

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