3 Page Printable Character Sheet PDF

I’ve been working on this 3 Page character sheet for a while now. I am knew to the game myself and I was exited for the opportunity to play in highly variable settings. when I didn’t find any character sheets that had what I wanted, I set out to design my own.

Open Legend Printable Character Sheet 12 White.pdf (92.6 KB)

Open Legend Printable Character Sheet 12 Color.pdf (92.7 KB)

I designed this Character sheet to be both setting neutral, and Noob friendly. Here are some of the features that I decided to include in order to do so:

Page 1: Character Stats
• The character stats sheet is color coded and labeled with big unmistakable letters above each section.

• Extra attribute slots for home brew attributes.

• The Math for determining Guard, Toughness, Defense, and Max HP is all shown below each slot, (including space for extra Variables) for clarity

• The ‘Applied Banes / Boons’ section is a blank rectangle so that thoughs players who use Cards or Tokens to keep track of their boons can use the space. And for thoughs that choose to write in their Banes and Boons, the open space lets the writing stand out better to remind them of each status effect.

• Attributes and defenses have been given secondary identifiers. players can save space by using these when writing out their action mechanics if they choose.

Page 2: Turn Sheet
• List of the available actions as well as the options included in each action, and a short summery of the rules to remember for each option.

• Helpful tables for the different attack actions.

• Ample space to describe the Free Actions available to your character.

Page 3: Equipment and Inventory
• 20 slots for Equipment along with space to describe the effects of each peace of equipment if any.

• Lots of Inventory space and a place to record the weight and add up that weight

Page 4: Blank. Please disregard

I did consider designing a Favored actions sheet, but I trust that everyone already has their own best method for Describing Favored actions.

All 3 pages have space to wright in the Player Name, Character Name, Archetype, And level, so that you don’t accidentally swap in pages from another character or an older, lower level version of the same character.

Sorry it can’t be filled in digitally, i just don’t have the ability to do that. I hope someone finds it useful, regardless.


This is a pretty cool sheet.

We (my party) personally wrote our own sheets too when we started since the original one meant for Open Legend… Kinda sucks to be honest.

Yours is longer but is a pretty good alternative. I still like the hand written sheets we write though.

There are some problems with this sheet though only minor and kind of just personal opinion…

Firstly the “Supernatural” category should be called the “Extraordinary”.
Supernatural was the old term for that category, it can be found only in the free adventure module “A Star Once Fallen” and the old versions at that. Look up the website.

Tracking down a character’s Size and Weight seems incredibly unnecessary for me.
You could play as creatures above or below medium size so I can understand why you might want to track down size but Weight should just be removed entirely. Flavor stuff like that waste character sheet space. Which means I’m including Language in that too.

Having a space to keep track of banes and boons afflicting a character is a nice touch.
But separating the banes from the boons and putting a spot for banes resist tally would be cool to add in too.

Carry Weight?
Carrying capacity isn’t used in Open Legend, keeping track of it is a waste of time and nobody likes doing it anyway. A simple blank space / 20 would be more than enough.
If something doesn’t make sense just tell them out right as the GM they can’t carry it.
But page 3 already lists your inventory making that part of the sheet really redundant IMO.

I assume you guys are using homebrew encumbrance for your games then in which case I shouldn’t really be saying stuff like this.

The Money - Carry - Total Weight once again seems like this character sheet is more targeted towards your party who already uses homebrew rules rather than staying vanilla and leaving empty space for homebrew.
Why Money instead of Wealth Level though? Wealth Level is already tracked in page 1.

Overall though, totes better than the official character sheet.

They look neat, though page 2 is somewhat unnecessary to be a character-specific thing. It’s a good reference, but certainly not needed to include in the character sheet itself since those rules apply to all characters.

I do agree with Remix on the minor part about “Supernatural” Attributes.

Yes and no. There is a limited mechanic related to Heavy Items, you can only carry as many of these as your Might Attribute is high. But yes, otherwise there is only the rule that a character cannot carry more than 20 significant Items.

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Thanks for the feedback, I had no Idea that some things where out of date. You are right that we have been playing on some home brew rules, just because we actually hadn’t been able to find the official rules on things like carry weight when we first stared. As for Wealth Level, I prefer to just count every dollar and included it as more of an after thought, for thoughs who do use it.

I might update my design In the future. Cut out the redundancies and expand and update the necessities.

all that info is available on the website. It is possible you might have looked at or downloaded the “SRD” which is labeled as pre-alpha, and should not be used to reference anything, honestly.