[closed] European Players LFG

Hi guys,

my friend and I are looking for people to play with. We are both newbies, but somewhat knowledgeable about role-playing from videos we watched (where our desire to play originated from). We’ve read up on stats and rules for Open Legend to be max prepared! If possible, can this post perhaps be posted on the Open Legend Discord?

We’re cool with just about any campaign and will roll up characters appropriately.

Possible times:

Mo-Fr: 6-10 p.m. UTC+1 (Possibly sooner on Friday if needed)
Sa&Sun: Pretty much the entire day.

I already made a post regarding my friend and me looking for a group. (In case this is consider spam, I apologize. My older post can of course be closed or deleted.)
It sadly didn’t work out though, even though we found a DM quite quickly. Thanks @shadowfoxshadow, I would have loved to play your Tower of Death Campaign! However, we couldn’t make the times work and actually had a misunderstanding regarding the timezones. Timezone-Math, amirite?^^ I


Alex ReeD