Would love feedback on NPCs

I’m getting back into the swing of things with Open Legend and I’m working on building out some of the monsters that will inhabit my game.

I’m starting with my baseline enemies I’m calling husks (basically thing of clickers from Last of Us but covered more in bark). I’m planning on having them attack in packs and having them be mindless so in my eyes they will attack whoever/whatever they see first. I envision 1 or 2 of them (depending on PC group size) Using the immobile bane to hold a target in the place and the rest swarm.

I’d love some feedback to better and of course as it stated feel free to take or re-skin or whatever.

Husk (level 1)
The rotted husk of what was once alive. Husks take many shape, whether they were an animal or humanoid in their previous life, now they are hive minded rotting corpse covered in decaying tree bark with claws made of stone and teeth of amber.

Attributes: Might 4 Fortitude 4 Creation 3 Agility 3
Hit Points 14 Guard 12 Toughness 15 Resolve 13
Speed 30
Initiative 1d20 +d10

*Stone Claws DAMAGING (Might vs. Guard) - The husk slashes out at enemies with their stone claws lacerating and tearing flesh. On +10 the claws dig deep and cause the target to bleed (persistent damage bane)
*Rooting Grasp BANE(Creation vs. Toughness) - The husk digs his claws deep into the soil causing them to spring up on an enemy and root them to the ground.

Immobile - Your target cannot move from its current space. When an affected target succeeds at a resist roll to end this effect, they can move 15’ as a free action.

Persistent Damage PL2 (1d4 damage/round) - At the beginning of the target’s turn, before they take any actions, they suffer damage determined by the power level of the bane. This damage automatically bypasses the afflicted character’s defenses but it can be reduced by any resistance to damage of a certain type (see the resistance boon). Like all dice rolls, these dice explode.

Diehard: Once per day - an attack that would reduce you to less than 1 HP, reduces you to 1 HP instead.
Resilient: Any time you make a resist roll, you have advantage 1 on the roll.
Multi-Target Attack Specialist 1 (AREA): For each tier, you reduce the disadvantage penalty associated with multi-targeting for your chosen attack type by 1.


When you said husks at first i thought maybe you were going to run a mass effect game. These seem like a cool enemy, they do not seem very strong which is good if you want to throw a lot at once.

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Looks solid, but they are slightly lightweight. Two of those should slightly challange a party of three level one characters, but a party of four characters should dispose of them quite easily, unless some crazy explosions happen (which you can never rule out). So you might want to adjust the number of Husks you throw out depending on the party size.