World Idea, needs some refining perhaps

So, in this post I want to just rant about an idea I have for a setting, the ideas/mechanics behind it and perhaps character ideas.

So, Picture this:

Basic History:
In about 1845, some British explorers find the remains of what looks like a portal. They take this artifact and decide to reconstruct it in Victorian London, thinking “Hooray! A new place to conquer!” Upon opening the portal and entering it, they arrive in an alternate dimension called the elements, where various elements are represented by cities and towns, all separated from each other due to a vast emptiness/wilderness called the void, where many creatures that both exist and do not exist at the same time live.
Where the British appear, they find a ruined city and some survivors, who say that the city never got to grow because they were destroyed by the void beasts before they could really begin. The British decide to just give them some weaponry, thinking that they’ll just rebuild small society which they can take later. However, the British do not realize that they have given more advanced weaponry to a time traveling race called the Chronolords. After giving the “survivors” some muskets, the city of Peakstrunk is instantly created, having grown due to getting a head start in the past. A side effect of this paradox, however, is that time in this dimension is fractured, and split along centuries and occasionally decades.

Details and Mechanics:
Peakstrunk: The city of Peakstrunk, also called the city of time among it’s residents, is a city that is Steampunk inspired. Work is done through complex machines, and scientists and inventors are respected in the community. The city, also being the city of time, is also inhabited by Chronolords, who the majority are only a small rank. Peakstrunk is ruled through a complex system of representation, where Chronolords are voted to become Hours, or an elite Chronolord who is responsible for one of the 12 districts. These elite Chronolords answer to a small council of higher Chronolords (days) who are elected by the Hours. The Days answer to an even higher court (Months) and also votes them in. This continues up to the most elite Chronolord, the founder of Peakstrunk (The Beginning). So far, he has never been replaced. There is a wide variety of people who work in Peakstrunk, whether it is to never return to England or because it is a nice work environment. Although England has only restricted access to the Portal to Scientists, inventors, or people willing to work for England from Peakstrunk, a whole variety of people have managed to find their way through, whether through time travel or other means.

Time: The way this time paradox works is that time is split into instances, periods of time where there is a steampunk or futuristic version of the time period. Although a person and the real world are affected by the passage of time, the person’s perspective on it’s passage seems normal but without change. For example, if you enter at around 1845, where you come into the 1840 instance, you can stay for 50 years and nothing seems to change more than perhaps you now have a cooler version of a “modern” invention. If you enter 1845, stay for ten years, and then leave, you will come out to 1855 London England. If you go back in again, you will be entering the 1850 instance instead of the 1840 instance. The only way to travel backwards or way forwards through instances is to get the assistance of the Chronolord, which will be explained later on.

Instances tend to reflect their time period. For example, the 1600s may have an emphasis on ballroom dancing, pirates or other historical fads of the time period while the 1940’s may have late WW2 influences, Rubberhose animation, and other 1940’s inspired inventions. The one thing that ties these altogether is a Steampunk influence or at least will not just be the same thing. For example, the 1600s will have ballroom dancing that is done with steampunk inspired robots, who can teach you and perhaps be a partner if you’re desperate. Rubberhose in the 1940’s becomes an ink-like chemical that when sprayed on something gives it Rubberhose properties, like the ability to stretch or be resistant to damage.

Character Ideas:
Chronolord: Chronolords tend to be aloof, and consider themselves more important than the immigrants of Peakstrunk. However, this is not without reason, since they are capable of altering time. They tend to join a group of adventurers for personal gain rather than feeling teamwork is necessary for getting what everyone wants. Chronolords are all capable of one thing, which is being able to jump between instances. Although weaker or less important Chronolords can only perhaps jump only to the next instance, more powerful ones are able to go great distances. Chronolords can slow time, speed it up, or pause it, depending on their strength and preference. One thing to note is that Chronolords will always try to prevent paradoxes where they can. If another paradox occurs, time may fracture again, or perhaps even be destroyed. When Chronolords attempt to enter the normal world, they disintegrate at a rate decided by their position in society, some being instantly disintegrated, and other more elite Chronolords decaying at a rate of years. Whatever is disintegrated does not come back.

Void Touched: Few people venture into the void until in later periods. First of all, the nature of the void tends to either kill or drive people insane, as it’s semi-existence is often something very difficult for people to handle. However, some are Void-touched, meaning that through the blessing of the void, they can wield it’s powers. Very few people are born with their powers, but most Void-touched have managed to get the assistance of Void beasts. Unfortunately, Creatures of the void are irrational. When non-sentient, they are wild, and are just as likely to eat the ice cream that you are offering as they are to consume you whole despite your kindness. Sentient ones will similarly change their mind at a moments notice, not really caring about the consequences of their actions before they suddenly do.

Other Character ideas:

Any critique/suggestions/comments?