Wolverine like regenerative feat

Hello guys I am new here so I am not sure this post is in the right place… Anyway I am starting a campaign soon and one of the player was trying to make a Wolverine like character so I am figuring out how to give him natural regen with a variation of the feat “natural defense” but instead of giving extra armor it heal him of 1d4/1d6/1d8 at the end of his turn.
Could this be OK or the heal is too much?

Or he can take the creation or alteration attribute and take regeneration. It heals more for every other point put in it.

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Open Legend is all about the Flavor/Fluff you put into it.

So you can say you have a character that can fly b/c they have wings. But you can Achieve this effect many different ways: Flying Feat, Boon Access Flight Boon, Attribute with Flight Boon and just activate flying when you are ready to fly.

Same can be done for Regeneration. You just need access to the Boon itself and then they choose to activate it. You can ALSO just have access to heal and grab Boon Focus 2 (Heal), and then as a minor action you can heal yourself and just describe it as regeneration.

In fact

You can have increased defenses (like from natural defense), and just describe the blow as dealing damage, but then the body healing it up. Every increase to defense is actually damage reduction (or mediation).

There is a way to give it to them via rules as is, too.
The actual way to do this as a GM is to treat it as a Heightened Invocation Tier 3 permanent boon invocation of Regeneration.

This means it could still be stopped for a short period of time via Nullify (1 minute no regen), which could be explained in a couple of ways and still keep things interesting.

I dont’ really recommmend this route though. The other players could feel like he is getting something that no one else is getting even though they are using things as they are in the rules. Having the player use the current feats and attributes is a better overall way of doing it.


For me, if I was building Wolverine, I would probably do it via Life Drain boon, the thrill of battle is what drives him to keep going, and enables them to regen as well as keep going.

So they would have Entropy 5.

The other way would be Alteration. I’d do this both for Regen and for Resistence, as I think both can give the feel for Wolverine type character, as well as Bolster. To be simplier, could just put 6 attribute points into Alteration to get a Score of 3.

Now I have Regen at 1d6, Bolster at PL 1, Haste PL 1 (+ 10’ movement speed), Resistance at +3 to defenses, Sustenance to describe the ability to endure in harsh climates b/c of regen. (clearly not using transmutation or shapeshift as those don’t fit the theme).

This seems a FAR BETTER route to go.

At some point can grab the feat Boon Focus (Regeneration) if you want to make sure it always goes off.

The other way to get an always regenerating character is Boon Focus 3 (Regeneration) of course.


Thank you all for the answer I completely missed the possibility of doing this through the regeneration boon cause I misinterpreted it.


I have a werewolf character in my one game the player just took boon focus II so her first round every fight is activating this as a minor action before moving up and attacking.

Another variation of you are not interested in the extraordinary feats is to go boon focus heal 2 and use presence as your attribute.

You can only heal others in mele range but you get some defence and hp stats with that attribute.

Diehard feat and divine agent perk is also good options.

Another minor detail is that the GM could give guard bonus 2 like a medium armour because he got the metal plaiting inside him and will probably never use one