Wish it was open legend

My brother is starting a D&D campaign tonight (Storm King’s Thunder), and I’m playing a tiefling monk. I love the flavor of having fists, feet, tail, and horns available for fighting, but it’s an objectively bad choice from a stats perspective. This is my first time playing D&D since I started with Open Legend, and it’s really highlighting some of the reasons I love OL.

If I were playing Open Legend, it wouldn’t matter what race I picked, because there’s no such thing as a race, mechanically. If I wanted to throw in some elemental magic, I would just put points in Energy. I wouldn’t have to pick between multiclassing and waiting until level 3 for an underpowered (IMO) class feature. It never really bothered me until I experienced the alternative approach.

P.S. I still expect to have a lot of fun. Torrey, if you ever read this, I enjoy your games; please don’t make rocks fall.


I feel you. My friends are really wanting me to play 5e with them. I feel like my time is better spent working on a live OL campaign I’m planning. It’s sucks because they have no interest in OL and anytime I say something to the effect of “this would be easier/is baked in to OL already” they kinda just shrug it off. Maybe I’ll get them into playing Star Once Fallin somehow so they can be free of their chains.


This is why I only GM any more. My group plays what I give them :stuck_out_tongue:


Basically how I sold OL to my play group:

“You remember all those weird and wonderful character ideas that didn’t quite turn out the way you wanted because of the system you were playing in? If you can manage to fail at making them in Open Legend I’ll be so impressed I’ll write new house-rules to make it work.”


Yeah, in my brother’s case it isn’t that he doesn’t want to play Open Legend. He’s played in my games, and he likes the mechanics. It’s more a question of convenience.

One thing d&d has that Open Legend does not (yet) is pre-built modules on roll20. Since that’s how we ordinarily play nowadays, he likes being able to purchase that and have a few hundred hours of prep (art, NPC character sheets, etc) already done. I can’t say I blame him, and it’s only a matter of time before we have that for OL, too.


I am having a similar problem. I have a friend who would absolutely love Open Legend if he gave it a shot. But, he doesn’t want to try anything other than D&D.
It seems odd to me.
I have tried a lot of different things to get him to test the waters but nothing works.

I’d love to fix this problem, but I would need someone to volunteer. My understanding is that someone might have put together assets for “A Star Once Fallen” as a Roll20 module.

I can get in touch with the Roll20 staff directly, but I need someone to give me the files “bundled” in whatever way Roll20 expects.

@mods do you know who it was that had said they put this together? Can someone facilitate getting the files? I can make the Roll20 team introduction and maybe get things moving, but I would need volunteers to navigate the approval and process of “bundling” it for Roll20.

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I assumed that individuals would eventually submit content, because that appears to be the sort of community we have here. That said, I would LOVE to have a star once fallen available on roll20.

@brianfeister Went back to the old Mighty Bell site, and there’s a post from Matthew Haentshcke about starting the process: https://openlegend.mn.co/posts/1054088

I don’t know if that is someone still active in the community.

I have a file on my Hard Drive of .jpg maps Carsen Potter posted for “A Star Once Fallen,” though the largest is 500x500.


Thanks for looking into it @dclasair!

I guess maybe message him and see if he gets the message through the old site (technically, it still works).

Other than that, we’ll just have to wait and see who volunteers. I’ll put some feelers out and see if I know someone who knows the bundling process for Roll20 assets.

Sent him a message via Mighty Bell.

@dclasair @brianfeister The message did not come through very well at all. I saw preview text in my Email inbox, but just an empty chat screen on the old MB site.

I’m here though. I have translated nearly the entire module to Roll20 (still finding a few missing bits as I play through it with my group).

The art assets are the main stumbling block. I haven’t had the time to start transferring the token art (my main concern) and the few maps I have put together into assets that I could sell/give away on Roll20 as a module.


I will say the maps that I (Carsen Potter) put on the site might be copyrighted as I just pulled them from Google for private use, and shared that warning with others. If we wanted to use those for roll20 we would need permission

Ive done similar things for the maps I am currently using. Some of them are free assets from Roll20 and some are tiles from dunjinni (sp?). Fortunately, ASoF is pretty light on the required maps.

My party is about halfway through the module. Once we finish it I’ll be dedicating more time to publishing this module.

My group was initially intimidated by what can initially appear as having a lack of linier structure for character creation. Now that we have played 3 sessions they are realizing things that can change to closer match the type of character they want to be playing. I’m allowing changes for 3 more sessions the we Finnish the rest of the campaign.


I can see the appeal of D&D as it is a well established game and many people are reluctant to learn new systems. I do like the 3.0 and 3.5 because it had rules for everything from falling, attacking item, special types of attacks, special types of damages, and each one was slightly different with its own perks and hindrances.

I like Open Legends because it is a break from all of that. It has a very simple core mechanic system and is more about role-playing and DM decisions than pouring over dozens of books for 1 feet, item, or spell that makes the difference between success and failure or a particular rule to make sure you are using a part of the game right. Don’t get me wrong, D&D is still my first love and I still play 5th (no one wants to play 3.5 anymore it seems,) but this system has allowed me to focus more on my character and developing a story for him rather than just focusing on the bonuses to my rolls to survive the encounter, get the loot, do it all over again. I know that it can vary from group to group and DM to DM in D&D, but it seems at the higher levels are just chaos regardless of who is running the game or playing. I don’t see much of that happening in Open Legend.