WIP Bane reference sheet for easing the learning experience

I have players still very new to RPG’s, having only run them through a light breakdown of Ryutama recently. Having spent time teaching/playing boardgames with them, I feel they’ll be able to enjoy Open Legend. However the current reference sheets don’t quite have the layouts/formatting/information I’m looking for.
As such I’ve been working on my own with some initial feedback from them prior to our first session, and would appreciate thoughts from players with more experience on whether these contain the information you’d like/make sense to you.

My overall goal is to breakdown the Bane’s to their core features. I appreciate the thorough examples they have but I know that would intimidate my players. As such I’ve set this up so they have all the information they need, but can ask me for examples during their learning process for less self-explanatory Bane’s.

Other goals

For players/GM’s that print out the full sheet was to make it easy to skim through to what you need.
The name followed by a quick description for seeking an interesting Bane, followed immediately by the levels then attributes required for it-so you can quickly skip it if you can’t use it. Attributes are also color-blind friendly coded between Physical/Mental/Social/Extraordinary attributes.
‘Quick Reference’ that includes every number/detail required, so once you understand how a Bane can be used you won’t have to hunt through the rules again-instead of a summary that still requires rule referencing.

Would greatly appreciate your thoughts. These take a long time to make so I’ll probably only create the initial bane reference my players need after this (started with just a variety of Bane’s initially to test/alter the layout to help fit them all).
But if things go well I’ll certainly share the final result when complete.


Love the effort! More variations to appeal to different players is always great.
As an aside, this card style layout is part of HeroMuster’s bane page, just in case you weren’t aware of it (and if it helps).


Also, if you use heromuster and have their character entered in, you can view banes and boons (plus feats) they are able to access, taking out all the ones they can’t access yet.

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Overall looks like a good layout, will have to look more on computer instead of phone.

Only suggestions might be font choice /size, but like I said, in phone right now

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@ucffool Thank you :slight_smile: !
Yeah HeroMuster is an amazing resource to already have available for OL. Didn’t realize how similar our layouts ended up. That’s certainly great for players with more RPG experience, and I look forward to using it for my own purposes, however it’s still too much for my players.

@Great_Moustache Yeah I loved that when I found it, will be a much easier way to introduce them to character creation after they play a few sessions with pre-made characters and get a feel for it :smiley: !

Really happy to hear that. Hope the font/size looks better on PC as that’s already post-adjustments after printer tests and hours hunting/comparing fonts to improve it ^^; but a second opinion on those things is always helpful.

Print vs on a screen can always end up looking different, especially depending on the way you print it out. I think overall it works fine the way you have presented it, and like with anything, it’s a matter of getting used to something, or already being used to something.

Being someone that is colorblind, I’m glad you considered that in your color choices.

I think the hardest part is that since there is a variety in the Banes (and boons) themselves, it can be hard to find a 1 fit solution for everything. Especially with how some of the Banes can be a bit more complicated than others.

I think this should work well for your players, especially as quick look reminders and recalling what the character can do.

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Yeah, with the feedback so far here I did another print to check the new adjustments and the font thankfully turned out great. The final test will be how the players go during out first session using them ^^.

No worries, happy to hear that consideration already helped someone.

Haha yeah, every time I thought I’d managed to make a more complex Bane fit, I found one even harder to work with-Eventually requiring the latest overhaul which so far has served well.
I’m hoping the scale now works for the rest as it will just be able to fit all the Bane’s on the front and back of 1 page, same with the Boon’s. But if it comes to it now I’ll just have to double the length of a Bane/Boon and try make adjustments elsewhere to cater for that.

Thanks a lot for checking it out and letting me know that, I’m so psyched to play but I don’t want to rush this process and make their first session suffer as a result. One step closer now :slight_smile:

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