Why Aren't there more Moustaches?

We really need to expand the use of Moustaches across all rules.

If any rule does NOT have mention of at least one moustache, it is not part of the core.


now is this an issue where its Moustaches only or does this work with any facial hair? More clarity is needed.

100% Agree, as a man who can’t grow facial hair the only reason I’m into tabletop RPGs is to play characters with magnificent moustaches and escape my sad daily life


You open the door to the curiously named shop and walk inside. There’s a man asleep in a chair with his booted feet resting on the counter. A gust of wind from outside slams the door behind you and frightens the man so badly his chair tips and spills him behind the curtain hung to seperate the shop from the back room. Almost too quickly he’s up and pulls the curtain aside, a giant grin behind a glorious mustache greets you. “Welcome my dear customer, to Archibald T. Bathory’s Amazing Habberstachery! Do not mistake this grand establishment for a simple barber or salon. We specialize in the granting of the finest mustaches, regardless of your facial hair aptitudiness. We’ll have everyone swoonin over the finest facial follicles you’ve ever known. Now how, dear customer, may I assist you in the discovery of your need for such a fine product?”


The Van Dyke:
+1 Adv on Deception rolls on use
Must Laugh most evil like within 10min of use or be forced to regardless of situation.

The Sheriff:
+1 Adv on Presence rolls on use
Must spit chewing tobacco (which the mustache provides) within 10min of use or be forced to regardless of situation

The Pencil: